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Arts Council rings in 30th anniversary with exciting programs

Posted by lgirard on February 23rd 2006 to Center News,Friends of the Center

Since 1980, the Arvada Council of the Arts and Humanities (Arts Council) has been instrumental in defining the success and longevity of the Arvada Center. As the Arvada Center’s 30th anniversary commences, the Council remains devoted to the Center’s long history of commitment to the arts and to its patrons. The Arts Council is currently busy coordinating a range of strategies aimed at ensuring the Center continues to serve the public with engaging and inspiring programming for years to come.

The Arvada Center’s 30th anniversary will include activities at the Center throughout the year, culminating with a November 5th anniversary celebration. All are invited to join in the festivities! To assist the Arvada Center in providing increased access to the arts, the Arts Council is spearheading an initiative to present artwork outside the traditional context of galleries and museums. This public art program will bring monumental art projects into the public realm and introduce a broad public to the work of contemporary artists. Further benefits of the program include providing artists an expanding audience and enhancing the urban environment.

The public artwork will be funded by gifts from members of the community, businesses, and local civic groups. A selection committee comprise of Arts Council members, Arvada Center staff, community leaders, and artists will identify potential artists, after which the finalist will be chosen by community vote. The winning artist will be announced at the Arvada Center’s 30th anniversary celebration on November 5, 2006. To further provide for current and growing numbers of patrons, the Council is forming an alumni roundtable of former Arts Council members to become involved in ongoing support of the Arvada Center. Members of the council alumni roundtable already possess basic understanding of the values and needs of our patrons and offer valuable insight to the needs of the community.

In an effort to better serve patrons of the Arvada Center, the Arts Council is implementing an endowment and planned giving program, forming the “Legacy Society of the Arvada Center.” This planned giving program will expand gift options and provide members a part in maintaining the Arvada Center’s heritage by helping to lay an adequate foundation for tomorrow through an endowment. Planned giving integrates a donor’s charitable gift with his or her overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals to maximize benefits to the donor and to enhance the long-term financial security of the Arvada Center. If you are interested or have already made a planned gift to the Arvada Center, please contact Celeste Sikora, Director of Development, at 720-898-7225.

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