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Arvada Center Web Site Steps Up!

We have recently upgraded our web site to make buying online better than ever. To fully implement the upgrade and to maintain your security, when you buy online, you will be asked to create a permanent username and password. You will only need to create a permanent account change once and then you will be on your way to a great shopping experience. Our mission is to serve you…better.

3 for $99 Theater Package

Demand has been high for a midseason theater package so we have created a package for the remainder of our theater season. Don’t wait too long because the availability of our best seats is limited. The three show package includes:

The Heiress on stage January 31 – February 26
Pippin on stage April 18 – May 14
The Full Monty on stage June 27 – August 6

Call the Box Office at 720-898-7200 for more details.

Directing The Heiress

heiress.gifA talk with director Bev Newcomb-Madden.

I have long loved the story of The Heiress. Originally a novel by Henry James entitled “Washington Square” (the location of the play as well), it is a drama that unfolds with longing, suspense, hope and despair. The story is compelling. Our plain and simple “heiress” finds herself in a situation where an attractive but penniless suitor confides his love for her which she eagerly returns, only to find that her father is suspicious of the young man’s motives. To reveal any more would take away from the suspense of this well-structured drama by Ruth and Augustus Goetz.

Directorially, The Heiress has been a challenge. It was necessary to find actors who could transition comfortably to the 1850s where the story takes place. No easy feat for contemporary performers with little knowledge or experience of the style or self-righteous ethics of the period. And, it being set in a specific time and place, dramatically, I had to familiarize myself, as well, with the ways of this particular “theatrical family.” Of course, I had a memory of the old film, starring Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Clift, which I loved. I had also seen the play many years ago. So, although I had vague visualizations of other productions, I considered this a challenging opportunity to create from my own imagination and personal directorial methods.

I am deeply grateful to Rod Lansberry for asking me to direct The Heiress. It is not my usual fare. Most often, I stage Musicals and Comedies so I found this to be a unique and joyful departure for me. My hope is that you, the audience, will be transported, along with our actorstorytellers, to Washington Square. That our heiress and her suitor and that this particular theater experience will touch you in some manner, and possibly give rise to a discussion of the events you’ve witnessed onstage as you leave the theater. Maybe you’ll wish you could continue to watch these players to see what might happen next…

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