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La Cage from Auditions to Opening Night

Posted by lgirard on December 18th 2007 to Behind the Scenes,Center News,In the News,Press Room

Well we did it, a complete story about how the Arvada Center puts up a show. This four part story begins with the Auditions and continues through all facets of producing a show – from costumes and set building to rehearsals and opening night. ENJOY..!!!

2 responses to “La Cage from Auditions to Opening Night”

  1. Jami Johnson says:

    What a great blog! I have always had an interest in theater and the arts, but I never fully understood everything that goes into a production, from start to finish, until I saw these clips. Thank you for your hard work! La Cage was a great show, and as a resident of Arvada, I have to say I am very proud to have this show come to my town. Not only was it funny, gawdy, and entertaining, but it had a really great message: In the end, love is what really matters.

  2. Union Rep says:

    The Arvada Ceneter has the best of intentions allowing art to the community, but as an observer the individuals who work there are treated as indentured servents, at best. A loophole in employment laws allow the hardworking individuals to work 60+ hours a week with no benefits, vacation or maternity leave. Any days off for sick leave or personal time is considereed a privilledge. To put it simply, if the the technical staff does not show up, they are not paid. A beautiful practice for a government to have, when the other priveleged individuals such as those that hire for the jobs (Technical Director Nick Cimyote, Gail Groeber and otherwise) get heath care, paid time off, and I can assure you, having seen it first hand, no extra work or sacrifice on their part. Please reevaluate this program, as your staff is dedicated, devoted and talented. They do not deserve to be treated with the disrespect they have been experiencing.

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