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Producing Broadway Memories-Arvada Center Jingle

Been watching Channel 9 news lately? If you have, you have probably seen the Arvada Center’s new jingle running these past 2 weeks! The jingle has been in the works for a while now, and what fun it has been to work on.

Communications Specialist Melanie Mayner collaborated with Curtains’ Director Gavin Mayer and Choreographer Kitty Skillman Hilsabeck on making this 30-second spot a success. Along with their hard work, eight talented local actors began rehearsing the jingle’s fun dance moves.

Jingle photo

On Monday, July 15, Tommy Collier, Creative Director from KUSA and his cameraman met with the Arvada Center crew to begin filming the jingle. There was dancing, there was music and there was a lot of people having a blast! Even the Arvada Center Staff joined in, playing audience members in one of the scenes.

The positive buzz about the jingle has been everywhere, and everyone here at the Arvada Center is singing the catchy tune. Haven’t seen the jingle yet? Check it out below!


The Henry Awards-A Night to Remember

Henry Awards Audience Photo by: Zachary Andrews

The Colorado Theatre Guild’s Henry Awards took place here at the Arvada Center on Monday, July 22. Everyone came dressed up and excited to see what the Henry Awards had in store.

The hosts Steven J. Burge and GerRee Hinshaw started the night with a comedic debate on whether or not to have a big opening number, but of course every show must have a big opening number! Jim Poulos (Lt. Frank Cioffi) of Curtains showed up on stage with the question, “did somebody say show people?” From there he was joined by the rest of the Curtains’ cast and performed the “Show People” number. The audience loved it, and the show was off to a great start.

Henry Awards Opening Number Photo by: Brian Landis Folkins

Throughout the show, each musical nominated for the “Outstanding Production of a Musical” award performed a number from their show. The night was full of talent, as each theater company awed the audience with their singing, acting and dancing. Ashlie-Amber Harris and SuCh from the Aurora Fox Theatre, got a standing ovation from the audience with their performance of “What About Love” from The Color Purple.

The Arvada Center won seven awards out of our 15 nominations, all for Man of La Mancha.
• Shannon McKinney: Outstanding Lighting Design
• Chris Campbell: Outstanding Costume Design
• Brian Mallgrave: Outstanding Scenic Design
• Kitty Skillman Hilsabeck: Outstanding Choreography
• David Nehls: Outstanding Musical Direction
• Rod Lansberry: Outstanding Direction of a Musical
• Man of La Mancha: Outstanding Production of a Musical

The night ended with a fantastic performance from the Town Hall Arts Center’s production of Hair. By the end of the performance the audience was standing and singing along with them. It was a great way to end the show, although the night was not over yet.

Town Hall Art Center performs a number from Hair

Town Hall Art Center performs a number from Hair.

The after party was held at the D-Note in Old Town Arvada. Everyone headed over for some food and dancing that lasted until about 2 in the morning. It was definitely a night to remember.

Only Five Days until the Henry Awards!

Everyone here at the Arvada Center is counting down the days until the 2013 Henry Awards. Not only is the Arvada Center well represented this year, but we are hosting the celebration as well! “Show Biz” people from all around the state will gather here at the Arvada Center on Monday, July 22 to honor Colorado Theaters and their accomplishments.

If you don’t know about the Henry Awards, just think of it as the Tony Awards Colorado style. It is put on by the Colorado Theater Guild as their annual fundraising event. Theaters from all across the state have been nominated for a Henry in 25 different categories.

Arvada Center is proud to have 15 nominations! Some of our nominations include: Outstanding Season for a Theater Company, Outstanding Musical for Man of La Mancha, Outstanding Direction (Rod A. Lansberry, Man of La Mancha), Outstanding Musical Direction (David Nehls, Man of La Mancha) and Outstanding Choreography (Kitty Hilsabeck, Man of La Mancha). Last year we were honored to receive Outstanding Season for a Theater Company among others.

Photos of the event will be posted to our Facebook, so keep a look out! Everyone will be dressed up and looking great. It will definitely be a night to remember.

Henry image

Curtains has officially opened!

The opening of Curtains was a success to say the least. It was a great audience for opening night. They were very involved and obviously loving every minute of the show. The cast had the audience laughing throughout the entire show, and on the edge of their seats in anticipation of finding out who killed Jessica Cranshaw. During intermission, the talk of the audience was guessing who the killer was.

Thanks to John Moore for posting this to Facebook, and
thanks to Stephen Bertles for creating this postcard as an opening night gift!

After the show, the opening night party began. Arvada Center staff and audience members congratulated the cast and crew on a job well done. The cast and crew were ecstatic about their well-received performance. Everyone had a great time eating a lot of good food and chatting with old and new friends.

Not sure what the show is about? Check out this great article in this week’s edition of the Arvada Press.

Curtains is showing now through July 28. Come to find out who killed Jessica Cranshaw!

New from Galleries and Performing Arts


Congratulations Collin!

Our very own Collin Parson, Exhibition Manager and Curator, has been selected by Denver Westword Blogs as a Top 100 Colorado Creative! Check out what they had to say about him!

Performing Arts:

Curtains Opening Night in Less than One Week!


The cast getting ready to perform “Show People”

Opening night is Tuesday, July 9 and the Curtains’ cast and crew have been very busy getting ready. Costumes are created, set pieces are built and the cast has almost perfected their complicated dance numbers.

Last night, the city of Arvada Public Access station KATV came to film the cast perform two scenes to help market the show online and on television. Lauren Shealy, who plays Georgia Hendricks, sang beautifully for the camera in the song, “Thinking of Him.” Then the entire cast did their big dance number, “Show People.” Check out the videos on YouTube! Links shown below.


The cast came together for their first cast photo. Look at all those beautiful faces and costumes!

After performing their two numbers, the cast rehearsed the show getting ready for their first preview audience this Friday. The dress rehearsal was a success! They have clearly been working hard for the last two weeks, and the show is almost ready to go.

Don’t miss the musical comedy whodunit Curtains! The show opens July 9 and runs through July 28. Get your tickets now.

Links to Curtains videos: