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2016 True West Awards recognize Center actors & designers!

Posted by Sarah Kolb on January 18th 2017 to Center News

The Arvada Center has the opportunity to work with so many talented members of the Colorado theatre community every year – and this year, six actors and one designer involved in our productions were recognized in the 2016 True West Awards! Congrats to these talented people – look for their work in upcoming Arvada Center productions in 2017.

Michael Morgan


Michael Morgan starred in the Arvada Center’s fall Black Box production of Tartuffe. He’s a member of the Center’s Black Box Repertory company and will be appearing in Bus Stop, which opens in February. Artistic Director of Plays Lynne Collins calls him an “actor’s actor — You watch him and you can’t help but go away thinking you really know whatever guy he’s playing. He’s just very relatable and accessible to an audience.”


Leslie O’Carroll and Steve Wilson


The husband and wife duo took on an interesting task this year. O’Carroll appeared as Madame Pernelle in Tartuffe, but almost turned down the role because of a schedule conflict until Lynne Collins suggested her husband, Steve Wilson, step in. The actor swap fit perfectly into Moliere’s comedic masterpiece, as a husband stepped into his wife’s shoes.


Jake Mendes


New to the Arvada Center stage, Jake Mendes took on the role of Simon Bright in the Center’s world premiere musical I’ll Be Home for Christmas. But theatregoers may have seen him elsewhere – even if they didn’t recognize him. He also appeared in Little Shop of Horrors at Miner’s Alley Playhouse, and as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in StageDoor Theatre’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. 


Diana Ben-Kiki


If you saw Tartuffe, you saw Diana Ben-Kiki’s handiwork firsthand on the heads of the actors onstage. The Denver Center’s “Wig Goddess” produced over 130 heads of hair this year, including productions of Sweeny Todd, Frankenstein and A Christmas Carol as well as Tartuffe. 


Sharon Kay White


Sharon Kay White brought her voice and comedic talents to two Arvada Center productions this year – she appeared as Sister Mary Patrick in the fall musical Sister Act and belting variety-show star Carol Marie in  I’ll Be Home for Christmas. She was one of a few actors involved in the world premiere musical from its first staged reading.


Sam Gregory


Alongside Michael Morgan, Sam Gregory’s hilarious take on Tartuffe‘s hapless patriarch Orgon had audiences laughing. Another repertory company member, Gregory will appear in two upcoming Black Box productions in 2017. He plays Dr. Lyman in Bus Stop, and stars as Vladimir in Waiting for Godot, opening in April.


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