War of Words

The conflicted voices of America's WWI poets spring to life in this powerful performance.

Script by Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison.
Directed by Lynne Collins, Arvada Center Artistic Director of Plays.

March 14, 2018
7:30 pm
Black Box Theatre
Admission: $15

World War I inspired hope, despair, anger, anxiety, patriotic fervor, and more—all of which found its way into our most intense and powerful language, the language of poetry. In “War of Words,” actors lend their voices to long-dead poets, with the aim of helping us hear them as they were: alive with conflicting passions, ideas, and beliefs shaped in response to the Great War. Audiences will find these voices not just historically intriguing, but contemporary—as if the poets are speaking both to us and for us about a war that has yet to reach its end.