Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Design

In partnership with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts

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Opening Reception: Thursday, September 12, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Always Free and Open to the Public

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In 2009, the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) collaborated on the idea of a biannual ceramics exhibition not associated with their annual conference. The intent of the project reflected NCECA’s mission of introducing and educating the public on the vibrancy and diverse paths of contemporary ceramics, as well as the mission of the Arvada Center to make the arts an integral part of people’s lives and encouraging learning, innovation and creativity through high-quality arts experiences.

In their third collaboration, the Arvada Center and the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts are producing Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Design , which sought out dynamic, contemporary ceramic works addressing creative responses to current shifts in the artist’s world and work. The exhibition features 8 invited artists and 42 juried artists from all over the United States who explore their shifting world of ceramics by examining new technology, trends and societal change.

Our world is in flux, constantly moving and changing faster than ever. 3D Printers, Computer Numerical Controlled Machines, Oxygen probes and computer-controlled kilns affect concept and process, while commercially designed stains, decals and glazes reflect the latest trends in color and pattern sensibility.  Less obvious, yet equally significant shifts occur as artists use the internet and social media in innovative ways to teach, market and connect with different audiences, as the information age affects both how and why an artist makes and shares their work.  From trends influencing the domestic scene in the modern home to societal changes influencing the role of ceramics; the worlds of craft, fine arts, industry, design and education are intersecting with the world of ceramics.

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Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Design Artists :

Ivan Albreht

Chad Curtis

Margaret Haydon Brian Molanphy Shawn Spangler
Samantha Bachman Elizabeth DeLyria Peter Christian Johnson Mia Mulvey Greg Stahly
Tiffany Bailey

Paul Eshelman

Ben Jordan Megumi Naitoh Linda Swanson
Lesley Baker

Gerard Ferrari

Jonathan Kaplan Mike Rand Karen Swyler
John Balistreri

Teri Frame

David Kaufmann Derek Reeverts Katherine Taylor
Vlad Basarab

Brian Gillis

Jessica Knapp Alison Reintjes Kwok Pong Tso
Dylan Beck Sarah Gross Sean Larson Justin Schortgen Michaela Valli-Groeblacher
Renee Brown John Hamilton Wade MacDonald Melanie Sherman Donna Webb
Anna Calluori-Holcombe Holly Hanessian Sarah McNutt Janey Skeer Janet Williams
Joshua Clark

Del Harrow

Ian Meares Amy Smith Valerie Zimany