Summer Gallery Exhibition 2012 - FACES, PLACES AND SPACES

EXHIBTION OPENS June 7- August 26, 2012
Opening Reception Thursday, June 7th from 6 to 9 p.m.
Free and Open to the Public


Untitled Art Show Features Arvada Center Exhibition Management Team


Listen here to Arvada Center Gallery Exhibition Manager & Curator Collin Parson and Assistant Exhibition Curator Kristin Beub. June 22, 2012. Collin and Kristin's interview starts at 16:40.

The interview is also available for download and podcast  on the website

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The Arvada Center Summer Gallery Exhibitions are a fascinating array of faces, places and spaces.

Bill Amundson
Got To Get It Out Of My Head, 2011
Collection of Brian Tschumper, courtesy of Plus Gallery

Over 30 local artists and eight galleries will be featured in this invitational series, and will include artists such as Bill Amundson, Noah Kalina, Monique Crine, Jenny Morgan, Rick Dula, and Alan Chimacoff. These exhibits will offer visitors the opportunity to interact with the art and the artists in fun and exciting new ways.


Main Gallery

Our face embodies our identity and through facial expression we present who we are to the world. Inevitably when someone says a person's name, their face is the first image to come to mind. Not the car they drive, the career they pursue, their favorite color, or food, but their face. This exhibition explores the dialogue faces create in artwork

Faces are rarely an uninteresting subject in the world of art, because every face has history and every creation of a face its own story and inspiration. This exhibition, with its various representation of faces, proves that artists will continue this dialogue and explore how faces change both in the world around them, and in art.



Austin Parkhill
Hannah, 36x24, acrylic on canvas, 2012
courtesy of Plus Gallery

Bill Amundson, courtesy of Plus Gallery
Nate Baldwin
John Bonath
Sharon Brown
Evan Colbert
Danyl Cook
Monique Crine
Lui Ferreyra
Marie EVB Gibbons
Noah Kalina
Margaret Kasahara, courtesy of Sandra Phillips Gallery
Kris Lewis, courtesy of David B. Smith Gallery
Hung Liu, courtesy of Shark's Ink.
Korri Marshall
Irene Delka McCray, courtesy of Sandra Phillips Gallery
Adam Milner
Wes Magyar, courtesy of Plus Gallery
Jenny Morgan, courtesy of Plus Gallery
Austin Parkhill,courtesy of Plus Gallery
Christopher R. Perez
Dave Seiler
Barbara Shark
Sally Stockhold, courtesy of Walker Fine Art
Laurel Swab
M. Vlasic, courtesy of Walker Fine Art
Xi Zhang, courtesy of Plus Gallery


Alan Chimacoff
Mad Av, archival digital print
courtesy of Michele Mosko Fine Art

Upper Gallery

When one thinks of place, we think of an architectural landmark, urban landscape, or somewhere as simple as home. It is we, as human beings, who often define them as an entity or a sense of place. These places can be large or small, inside or out, but we determine their function or purpose. No matter where we go, we are always in a place, both literally and metaphorically. These expressions of places in art tend to draw separate emotions and experiences for each individual, based on their own definition of place. The artists in this exhibition express their interpretation of place through many forms of media and matter, giving credence to the effects of place.

Marc Berghaus
Lisa Calzavara
Alan Chimacoff, courtesy of Michele Mosko Fine Art
Rick Dula, courtesy of William Havu Gallery
Sharon Feder, courtesy of Michele Mosko Fine Art
Sarah McKenzie, courtesy of Rule Gallery
David Menard
Chandler Romeo
Denis Roussel



Earl Schofield
BoulderViewIII, encaustic on panel, 2010

Theater Gallery

The work of both Lanny DeVuono and Earl Schofield explore untouched space; the landscape, the open vista, the sky, the oceans and the clouds. Whereas traditional landscape paintings have only one, maybe more central focal points, these artists stand further back with a wider lens, and depict spaces for what they are, sprawling land and nature, occasionally interrupted in their scope, but stretching further and further none the less. Artist Lanny DeVuono states: "I have long used the landscape as a visual metaphor. As an image, the landscape is a near illustration of our own human nature. What we feel is limitless and expansive, we want to own; where we find beauty, we try to ascribe purpose. Whether we see it devastated from war, ecological upheaval or simply our own use, the landscape maps our histories and hopes." Earl Schofield's works take on an exaggerated bird's eye view of the world. He explains, "I seek escape from my own ego in the cold obliviousness of nature. By undertaking deep observation of nature, one begins to feel a reverence at the wonder of the observed, and a relief from the concerns of self and of man at large." The works of these artists are a poignant example of the space that once was, and still can be, and will draw everyone closer to look at their exacting details.

Lanny DeVuono, courtesy of David B. Smith Gallery
Earl Schofield, courtesy of Michele Mosko Fine Art

With support of:

  • Walker Fine Art
  • David B. Smith Gallery
  • Michele Mosko Fine Art
  • Plus Gallery
  • Rule Gallery
  • Sandra Phillips Gallery
  • Shark's Ink.
  • William Havu Gallery


Smart Art

The Faces, Places and Spaces Exhibition will be a standout in its own right, but we've decided to make it more interactive and dynamic by including what we call Smart Art.

Using Augmented Reality technology from Layar on select art pieces, visitors can hold up their smartphone to the pieces, and experience additional information about the art and artist, links to videos, and a whole lot more!

Scan this QR code NOW with your smartphone to load the free Layar app on your phone. When you visit the 2012 Summer Gallery exhibit - look for the Layar logo on selected art pieces.

For visitors with a long-time appreciation for art and the importance of the work being shown in our three galleries, Smart Art will add breadth and depth to their visit. For visitors just beginning to experience and appreciate visual art, Smart Art is a wonderful, easy introduction to what our galleries and exhibitions have to offer.

The Layar app is available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Android Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Symbian Nokia C7, C6-01, E7, N8, N97 and Blackberry Bold 9900, Torch 9860, Torch 9810 and more. Visit the Layar site for more info.

Interactive Photo Apps

In addition to augmented reality - the iGallery will also feature a fun interactive 'photo booth' where patrons can be their own "face artist" using the PhotoFunia app that will be available on two iPads for gallery patrons to use. Patrons can photograph themselves and place their face in a fun pre-designed template - like on the body of the Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo or place their photo on a moving billboard over Times Square. Make your self an alien, turn a friend into a wanted convict.... There are 100's of templates to choose from! Photos will be uploaded regularly to our photo-sharing account with Flickr and Pinterest where patrons are encouraged to download and share their funny faces!

Untitled Art Show Podcast and Live Moderated Artists Discussions

Arvada Center Galleries and Untitled Art Show will be hosting two moderated panels which will be available for a downloadable podcast.



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