Women of Influence: Colorado Artists and Curators

Main Gallery

From Käthe Kollwitz, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frida Kahlo, Louis

Carol Dass,
Carol Dass, Queen Mary Archival Inkjet Print,
2010, 28x28 in.

Bourgeois, Agnes Martin, Judy Chicago, Cindy Sherman and Kiki Smith, the world of art has been influenced by exceptional female artists. This fall, the Arvada Center is taking a regional perspective on notable women artists of Colorado. The Center invited seven of Colorado’s primary female curators to recommend “Women of Influence” from their corresponding regions. We relied on these curators’ expert knowledge of their respective regions, and left the definition of “influence” up to them. Generally, “Influence” is most understood as having an effect on something or someone. From their recommendations, the Center then selected artists from each region to create an overview of influential female artists of the state who range in age up to 99 years old. This show boasts a wide variety of media and concepts, and will feature installations, photography, video, prints, paintings and ceramics. This exhibition gives other curators, arts professionals, community supporters and Coloradans an opportunity to see the work of these great artists from their unique perspectives and learn more about the curators who selected them. Some of the artists in the show are teachers, all have prolific careers both in and out of the state; overall the work is inspiring.  In a gallery guide dating back to the 1989 Arvada Center exhibition 'Significant Colorado Women Artists' Lydia M. Peña, Chair of the Exhibition Committee stated, "Like its predecessors, this exhibition will have its critics, both men and women. We on the exhibition committee acknowledge that 'Significant Colorado Women Artists' is necessarily incomplete, thus providing limitless opportunities for others to organize representative exhibitions on women artists, so that eventually the oeuvre of all of us is well represented." Now in 2012, the Arvada Center continues the tradition of featuring prominent female artists of the state that began all those years ago.






Bebe Alexander – (Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities)

Joy Armstrong – (Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center)

Shannon Corrigan – (Emmanuel Gallery Auraria Campus)

Karin Larkin – (formerly of Sangre de Cristo Arts Center)

Petra Sertic – (Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art)

Jeanne Shoaff – (The Lincoln Center)

Camille Silverman - (Western Colorado Center for the Arts)



Ashley Benton- Paonia

Valerie Brodar – Colorado Springs

Amelia Caruso – Ft. Collins

Carol Dass – Colorado Springs

Ania Gola-Kumor – Westminster

Margaret Kasahara – Colorado Springs

Jean Latka – Pueblo

Nan McKinnell – Ft. Collins

Terry Maker – Louisville

Amy Metier – Denver

Meredith Nemirov – Ridgway

Margaret Neumann – Denver

Martha Russo – Ward

Sara Ransford – Aspen

Betty Woodman – Boulder