JazzFest: Hazel Miller, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra and the Neil Bridge 7+ with Karen Lee

JazzFest: Hazel Miller, Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra and the Neil Bridge 7+ with Karen Lee 

A night of jazz highlighting some of the best jazz groups in Denver. Featuring a wonderful cross section of jazz styles that include the classics and standards, cutting edge big band repertoire and the amazing vocal stylings of Denver’s Hazel Miller.

Hazel Miller  is bringing to the Arvada Center the realities of listening to her live performance art. Whether she is Hazel Miller at Arvada Center doing a gig with Big Head Todd & the Monsters, lending her talents to support the United Way, or Children’s Hospital, performing for our troops in far of places or singing for presidents, Hazel brings a presence and an energy that’s contagious and uplifting. No recording or on air listener can begin to comprehend the atmosphere that’s created when Hazel Miller cruises through a song. It’s like seeing an amazing rainbow. You could take as many pictures of it as you want and share them with everyone, but there is just nothing like having been there.




JazzFest at Arvada Center

The  Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra  , the Rocky Mountain region's premier 18-pc jazz orchestra, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary as a performing group. The MJO, known for their diverse repertoire, has been a repeat Arvada Center performer during recent SummerFest performances including a performance of the original Miles Davis’ "Sketches of Spain". The MJO is excited to be sharing the inaugural JazzFest concert with Hazel Miller and Neil Bridge 7+ with Karen Lee. 



Neil Bridge  , Denver's long time piano man, and his band strut their stuff for Colorado's old timers, new timers and Neil Bridge and Karen Lee at Arvada Center everyone in between. Seamlessly blending Jazz Classics with what's out there, this teacher at heart shows a new audience why Jazz Classics are so enduring. Karen Lee, his wife and muse, adds some pop and sizzle vocals, taking a fresh approach to the standards while reminding a new generation where their cool came from.

Outdoor Amphitheater

Times and Pricing:
Thursday, July 18 at 7:30 p.m.
Premium Covered - $18
Covered - $15
GA Lawn - $10