The Second Tosca

Black Box Theater

Written by Tom Rowan
October 20 – November 22, 2009
Previews October 16 – 18

First -time, staged outside of New York, The Second Tosca is a smart, sexy comedy following the backstage antics at an opera house. Author Tom Rowan, an ex-Denverite, has cleverly crafted a cast of sympathetic characters promoting their own agendas while an aging diva is clinging to her last chance for greatness and a rising diva is waiting in the wings for her chance in the spotlight. A witty story about love, ambition and rivalry, The Second Tosca will pull you in to a real-life soap opera unfolding on stage in the Black Box Theater.
(Contains mature subject matter.)

Previews - Fri, Sat & Sun, October 16, 17 & 18; 7:30PM, $25

Show Schedule & Prices:

Subscribers can get shows for as little as $29 per show.

Fri & Sat, 7:30PM and Sat & Sun, 2:00PM; prime $44, value $38. Tues, Wed, Thu, 7:30PM and Wed, 1:00PM; prime $40, value $34.

Director's Note - Bev Newcomb-Madden

OK,  so some of you don’t know anything about opera.  And that’s just fine. Maybe watching this backstage show about opera and the people, who love it and live for it, will inspire you. The title is The Second Tosca. so it’s primarily about the opera Tosca. with little snippets of other opera arias thrown in…plus three Divas to give it texture. How about that?  So we hope this performance is an experience in entertainment and enlightenment. Now, since there is so much talk about Tosca and the events that occur within the opera during our play…can I take a bit of time to explain to those of you who know nothing of opera, about the story of Tosca?
Tosca - A Short Synopsis 

Act I; In the Church of Andrea Alle Valle in Rome. Mario Caravodossi, the painter, tells his friend, Angelotti, who has escaped from prison, that he will keep him safe Mario, who is painting a portrait of The Madonna in the church. compares his latest artistic effort with the image of his love, Fiori Tosca, the famous singer.  She comes to visit Mario and to see his painting but is jealous of him and expresses her emotion and her love.  After she leaves, the Baron Scarpia, head of Rome’s Secret Police, enters seeking the convict Angelotti but also hoping to find Tosca in the church, whom he desires..

 Act II:  In Scarpia’s apartment, Tosca is told by Scarpia that Mario, when approached, was defiant and therefore arrested.  He will be released if he states where Angelotti is hidden otherwise he will be executed.  Scarpia tells Tosca he desires her and she replies she only lives for art and love but will give in to him if he frees Mario with a “note of safe conduct.” Scarpia says they will stage a mock execution of Mario but he will really be set free.  Tosca, after ultimately feeling such hatred for Scarpia, stabs him and leaves with the “safe conduct note” for Mario’s release.

 Act III: On the rooftop of the prison at Castel Sant’ Angelo, Mario writes a farewell note to Tosca. She arrives and tells Mario to pretend to fall to his death during the mock execution and afterwards, he will be set free. The firing squad arrives, shoots Mario who falls to his death.  Tosca discovers that Scarpia tricked her. She hears the soldiers below announcing the discovery of Scarpia’s dead body and knows she will soon be arrested. Realizing there is no hope, she quickly jumps over the parapet to her own death.