Make Your Visit Count

For years, Arvada Center visitors have enjoyed hundreds of unique exhibitions and artworks at no cost.  From ceramics to painting and sculptures to mixed media, our galleries offer something for everyone.

Since the Arvada Center is committed to keeping its galleries and museum free and accessible, it recently began the Make Your Visit Count program, which helps document the thousands of visitors who enjoy the Center's fine arts exhibitions annually.  Patrons can now make their gallery and museum visits count by dropping designated ticket stubs in receptacles located in each gallery space.

Why is counting gallery and museum attendance so important?  The Make Your Visit Count ticket stub allows the Arvada Center to officially track exhibition attendance, which supports the Center's ability to attract donations, sponsorships and grant opportunities.  In 2012, nearly 16,000 theater, education and other event patrons dropped their ticket stubs and made their gallery and museum visits count!