Make Art Happen

For more than 40 years
, the Arvada Center has been making art happen. It happens so often and so professionally that many people don’t realize we are a nonprofit organization dependent on the support of people like you who love and value the arts.

I could go on about how ticket sales and tuition only cover a portion of our costs, how our gallery exhibitions have always been free or about the tens of thousands of low-income schoolchildren we serve every year. Instead, I thought you would find it more interesting to learn why others support the Arvada Center. We interviewed people just like you – patrons, donors, artists, instructors, students and volunteers – about the impact the Arvada Center has made in their lives. Click the videos below to see and hear what they had to say.

From all the heartfelt comments, I hope you realize how important your support is to the Arvada Center and how your contribution can make art happen for so many. Please help us make art happen and make your tax-deductible donation now. 

Thank you for your support ,

Executive Director

Empowering Artists

Arvada Center programs expose young people to the arts and help artists launch their careers.

Spreading the Joy of the Arts

Arvada Center Arts Day brings the joy of creativity to more than 75,000 children each year.