Our Story

There’s something special about the arts and humanities. Something transcendent. They can enrich who we are and inspire who we want to become. Ultimately, they appeal to the best in all of us, exciting our senses and enhancing our state of mind.

The Arvada Center produces, curates, and creates national-caliber arts, humanities, education, and entertainment that are designed to help you see, hear, feel, and think a little deeper. Here, there’s truly something for everyone. You’ll find something you can not only relate to, but something that resonates—no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from.

Our Mission

The Arvada Center celebrates and elevates the human condition with engaging arts, humanities, education, and entertainment that expand the cultural landscape for everyone who visits us.

Our Vision

The Arvada Center will be a nationally-recognized leader in creating high-quality arts and humanities experiences that nourish the ability to explore and express the full range of human emotion.

Core Values

With so much competing for shorter attention spans and limited entertainment dollars, it takes something truly special to stand out. As we focus on drawing new attendees and keeping faithful patrons coming back for more, the Arvada Center maintains an unwavering dedication to these core pillars.


  • There’s never a substitute for excellence—especially when it comes to enlightening and entertaining a discerning audience. The Arvada Center consistently elevates all of our arts and humanities offerings in a fiscally responsible way that ensures our long-term sustainability.


  • For us, the old adage about “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” is spot on. We LOVE what we do and it shows. We truly cherish the opportunity to create world-class arts and humanities for all.


  • Knowing the arts and humanities are for everyone, we embrace the big IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity and access). At the Arvada Center, everyone is welcomed. Whether you come to laugh, cry, think or escape, there’s something for everyone. Every time.


  • At their core, the arts are about creating something special. Something memorable. Something shareable. The Arvada Center applies our creativity to develop and deliver truly innovative arts and humanities offerings that touch the heart and enrich the mind.


The Arvada Center is located at 6901 Wadsworth Blvd. and provides free parking for all its patrons. For more information call 720-898-7200.

Interested in booking an event at the Arvada Center? Visit ArvadaEvents.com