Arvada Center Expansion Historical Overview

  • The Arvada Center opened in 1976 and served approximately 12,000 visitors its first year.
  • The 1992 Expansion Project nearly doubled the size of the facility, but with continued growth in demand and programming the Center’s attendance in 2003 reached almost 400,000.
  • In 2001 a master plan for expansion was established and Fentress Bradburn Architects LTD was selected as the architectural team for the master-planning process. Fentress Bradburn conducted an expansion program plan which included a feasibility study, market assessment of future fund-raising capability and a proposed funding strategy.
  • In December 2002, City Council approved the program plan for an additional 152,590 square feet @ $69.7 million. The Arvada Center was challenged to raise a portion of the $1 million needed for the Schematic/Pre-Design phase of the expansion.
  • Since 2003, over $340,000 has been secured to fund the Schematic Pre-Design phase which includes a $290,000 HUD appropriation in 2003/2004; $50,000from Advocate Homes; and $7,000 in matching gift from Village Homes. An additional $100,000 HUD appropriation is anticipated in 2004.
  • The Pre-Design phase of the Schematic Design was completed in spring of 2004 and presented at several community meetings and to the City Council. The outcome of this phase was a recommendation to approach the expansion in two stages.
  • Two-Phased Expansion Plan - Phase I to be completed by 2008 and Phase II to be completed by 2018 would eventually result in a total square footage of 234,094 for the expanded Center. Phase I of the expansion would have initially provided an additional 100,000 square feet and was projected to cost $45 to $48 million.
  • On October 4,2004, the Arvada City Council decided to proceed with the expansion of the Arvada Center in a three-phased process requiring the allocation of one-time CIP project funds of $6 million.