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Press for  Educating Rita

"Funny, engaging, self-aware..." - Juliet Wittman,  Denver Westword

"A powerful night of theatre." - Emilee Hatfield,  Riley Reels

"What a pairing of actors!" - Beki Pineda,  Get Boulder 

"John Hutton is tremendous..." - Alex Miller, OnStage Colorado

"Educating Rita  gets a smart treatment" - Clarke Reader, Colorado Community News

Press for Mamma Mia!

"Mamma Mia! opens at the Arvada Center"Colorado Parent

"A trip down pop music's most glitter-strewn memory lane" - Alex Miller,  Vail Daily

"The Arvada Center’s Production of Mamma Mia! is Spot On" - Claudia Carbone,  Colorado Grandparent

"The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities Hosts Delicious ABBA Treat" - Tom Jones,  Colorado Theatre Reviews

"This production's personality is infectious" - Emilee Hatfield,  Riley Reels

"Music sensation ABBA is highlighted in all the right ways." - Jon Bee,  BroadwayWorld

Press for Virginia Maitland gallery exhibition

Virginia Maitland Retrospective fills the Arvada Center with Color - Westword

Press for  In Sight On Site

'‘22 Colorado Street Artists are taking over the Arvada Center this summer’'303 Magazine

Press for  Sunday in the Park with George

"Truly a masterpiece in every sense of the word." - Michael Mulhern, Denver Theater Perspectives

"Sunday in the Park with George is on point" - Juliet Wittman, Westword

"An awe-inspiring experience" - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan

"Simply connects all the dots" - Chris Arneson, Broadway World

"Beautiful, new and masterfully inspiring" - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels

"Sunday in the Park with George is a treasure all its own" - Tom Jones,  Colorado Theatre Reviews

Press for  All My Sons

"A stunning display of incredible talent"  - Tom Jones,  Colorado Theatre Reviews

"Powerful Cast Propels Arvada Center's All My Sons" - Juliet Wittman,  Westword

"They couldn’t have done it better." - Emilee Hatfield,  Riley Reels

"All My Sons is captivating audiences." - Kathryn Grant , Denver Theatre Perspectives

"A stunning display of art" - Avery Anderson,  Metropolitan 

Press for  The Electric Baby

"This show shines as brightly as the moon." - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels

"It will make you think, laugh, feel, and stretch your realm of theatre" - Devon James,  Denver Theatre Perspectives

"Emotional, engaging and full of life" - Avery Anderson,  Metropolitan

Press for  Sense and Sensibility

"A night of hilarity, beauty and emotional performance"  - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels 

"It will leave you breathless." - Joanne Ostrow, The Know by Denver Post

"Graceful visuals and whirling performances." - Juliet Wittman, Westword

"The cast is made up of some of the brightest stars Colorado has to offer." - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan

"... a miracle of movement." - Tom Jones, Colorado Theatre Reviews

"An innovative adaption." - Patrick Dorn,

Press for  in SITu

'Victory's Chair Soldiers Stand Guard at the Arvada Center's In SITu'  - Westword

Press for  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

"Joseph is back and brighter than ever" - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan

"Joseph's Dreamcoat a perfect fit for Arvada Center " - Juliet Wittman,  Westword

"The best present that the Center could provide to audiences this season. " - Colorado  Theatre Reviews

"It's hard to overstate just how good a job the Arvada Center's crew did" - Alex Miller,  Vail Daily

"A colorful blast of creativity" - Emilee Hatfield,  Denver Theatre Perspectives

Press for  The Foreigner

" The Foreigner brings laughs but with a reminder " - Sonya Ellingboe, Colorado Community News

" The Foreigner creates gales of laughter and some insights ” Juliet Wittman, Westword

"With a particularly well-chosen cast, strong stage effects and Shue's batty script, the result is a production that takes this little classic to another level." - Alex Miller, Vail Daily

'The Foreigner laughs its way to a hit' - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan 

"...masterful performances by the entire cast." - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels

"...through the goofiness of it all, there are genuine laughs and a true reflection." - Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post

"The ultimate result is one of inspiration and hope..."  - Tom Jones,  Colorado Theatre Reviews

"The Foreigner brings laughs but with a reminder" - Sonya Ellingboe, Colorado Community News

"It’s impossible not to smile and even laugh out loud throughout the evening." - Harriet Ford, Arvada Press

"The Foreigner is like a master class in how to get everything exactly right." - Patrick Dorn,

Press for  Art & Conflict

"Everything is not only worth seeing, but worth thinking about, too." - Michael Paglia, Westword

Press for  A Chorus Line

"A strong, well-designed production of an American favorite" - Sonya Ellingboe, Colorado Community Media 

'Arvada Center goes beautifully spare with emotional “A Chorus Line” - Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

"A two-hour display of brilliant talent" - Tom Jones, Colorado Theatre Reviews

"The Arvada Center’s production of A Chorus Line is “one singular sensation'" - Out Front Colorado

"I don’t believe I could praise this cast any more when I say they were Broadway quality." - Emilee Hatfield, Denver Theatre Perspectives

"A tight and high quality version of this dance filled show" - Avery Anderson,  Metropolitan

Press for Summer Gallery Exhibitions

"How To Create Art at a Snail's Pace" in  Westword

"Get Off the Internet and Come Into the World With Artist Peter Yumi" in  Westword

"The art and possibility of paper " in  Lakewood Sentinel

"Working at a snail's pace helps Denver artist create masterpieces" - feature on artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy on 9News Storytellers

Press about the Arvada Center

Arvada Center invites daters to take in a show and enjoy multidisciplinary arts center  in on April 26, 2018

2016 Marlowe Awards recognize  Tartuffe, Sister Act

Arvada Center actors and designers receive 6 True West Awards in 2016

Arvada Center receives two 2015 "Best of Westword Awards on March 26, 2015

Arvada Center receives four 2014 "Best of Westword" Awards on March 27, 2014

Arvada Center Sets the Stage for Henry Awards 2013 with 15 nominations

2013 Henry Awards  - Colorado Theater Guild


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