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Press for All My Sons

"Powerful Cast Propels Arvada Center's All My Sons" - Juliet Wittman, Westword

"They couldn’t have done it better." - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels

"All My Sons is captivating audiences." - Kathryn Grant, Denver Theatre Perspectives

"A stunning display of art" - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan 

Press for The Electric Baby

"This show shines as brightly as the moon." - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels

"It will make you think, laugh, feel, and stretch your realm of theatre" - Devon James, Denver Theatre Perspectives

"Emotional, engaging and full of life" - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan

Press for Sense and Sensibility

"A night of hilarity, beauty and emotional performance" - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels 

"It will leave you breathless." - Joanne Ostrow, The Know by Denver Post

"Graceful visuals and whirling performances."- Juliet Wittman, Westword

"The cast is made up of some of the brightest stars Colorado has to offer."- Avery Anderson, Metropolitan

"... a miracle of movement." - Tom Jones, Colorado Theatre Reviews

"An innovative adaption." - Patrick Dorn,

Press for in SITu

'Victory's Chair Soldiers Stand Guard at the Arvada Center's In SITu'  - Westword

Press for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

"Joseph is back and brighter than ever" - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan

"Joseph's Dreamcoat a perfect fit for Arvada Center" - Juliet Wittman, Westword

"The best present that the Center could provide to audiences this season." - Colorado Theatre Reviews

"It's hard to overstate just how good a job the Arvada Center's crew did" - Alex Miller, Vail Daily

"A colorful blast of creativity" - Emilee Hatfield, Denver Theatre Perspectives

Press for The Foreigner

"The Foreigner brings laughs but with a reminder" - Sonya Ellingboe, Colorado Community News

"The Foreigner creates gales of laughter and some insights” Juliet Wittman, Westword

"With a particularly well-chosen cast, strong stage effects and Shue's batty script, the result is a production that takes this little classic to another level." - Alex Miller, Vail Daily

'The Foreigner laughs its way to a hit' - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan 

"...masterful performances by the entire cast." - Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels

"...through the goofiness of it all, there are genuine laughs and a true reflection." - Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post

"The ultimate result is one of inspiration and hope..." - Tom Jones, Colorado Theatre Reviews

"The Foreigner brings laughs but with a reminder" - Sonya Ellingboe, Colorado Community News

"It’s impossible not to smile and even laugh out loud throughout the evening."- Harriet Ford, Arvada Press

"The Foreigner is like a master class in how to get everything exactly right." - Patrick Dorn,

Press for Art & Conflict

"Everything is not only worth seeing, but worth thinking about, too." - Michael Paglia, Westword

Press for A Chorus Line

"A strong, well-designed production of an American favorite" - Sonya Ellingboe, Colorado Community Media 

'Arvada Center goes beautifully spare with emotional “A Chorus Line” - Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

"A two-hour display of brilliant talent" - Tom Jones, Colorado Theatre Reviews

"The Arvada Center’s production of A Chorus Line is “one singular sensation'" - Out Front Colorado

"I don’t believe I could praise this cast any more when I say they were Broadway quality." - Emilee Hatfield, Denver Theatre Perspectives

"A tight and high quality version of this dance filled show" - Avery Anderson, Metropolitan

Press for Summer Gallery Exhibitions

"How To Create Art at a Snail's Pace" in Westword

"Get Off the Internet and Come Into the World With Artist Peter Yumi" in Westword

"The art and possibility of paper" in Lakewood Sentinel

"Working at a snail's pace helps Denver artist create masterpieces" - feature on artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy on 9News Storytellers

Press for Waiting for Godot

"Theatre of the absurd," exemplified by Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot" review in

"Watching these masters at work was a thrilling experience..." review in Patrick

"Inventive and evocative" review in Westword

"The production packs a wallop." review in Denver Post

"If you want to see the show done justice then this production is your chance." - review in Metropolitan

"It's hard to imagine two Denver actors better suited to pull this off." - Alex Miller, Vail Daily

"Highlights the versatility of the company." - Craig Williamson, North Denver Tribune

Press for Jesus Christ Superstar

"There is a reverent awe with this never-better production" review in Colorado Theatre Reviews

"Sometimes you just need to return to a classic to truly appreciate the art of theater" review in Metropolitan

"A moving portrayal of The Passion of Christ" review in Colorado Grandparent

"Inspired moments grace the stage" - review in Huffington Post

"It whets our appetites for the truth." - review in

"What makes Jesus Christ Superstar special is the raw life it gives to something mythical" - review in BroadwayWorld Denver

"The Arvada Center does the show justice" - review in Boulder Weekly

Press for The Drowning Girls

"Exactly the kind of risk a black-box theater should undertake" review in Westword 

"Outstanding and accomplished actresses" - review in

"Eerie and (dare we say “ethical”?) beauty" - review in Denver Post

"Enough heart, life and plenty of water to satisfy any audience." - review in Metropolitan

Press for Bus Stop

"A triumph of design, direction, and execution." - review on

"Very good comedy, with excellent serious insights." - review in Colorado Theatre Reviews

"What makes Bus Stop captivating is its character work" - review in BroadwayWorld Denver

"A really rewarding night at the theater" - review in Westminster Window

Press for the 2017 Black Box Repertory Company

"The repertory ensemble cast shines" overview in North Denver Tribune

This approach does provide challengers.... it also offers an opportunity for diversity" in Golden Transcript

Press for Double Exposure and Stop/Look/See

"With such a strong start to the Month of Photography, March should come in with a roar." - review in Westword

"'Stop/Look/See' demonstrates how adeptly Parson balances the center’s program of contemporary art with historically foundational shows." - review in One Good Eye

Press for I'll Be Home for Christmas

"I'll Be Home For Christmas will be produced year after year." review in

"It is the perfect venue to nurture new works" interview in In Focus Magazine

"Familiar Christmas tunes – excellent dancing" review in Colorado Theatre Reviews

"There's no place like home for the holidays, and the Arvada Center is making sure of that this holiday season." - review in BroadwayWorld

"Audiences will soak up the holiday cheer." - review in Centenniel Citizen

"Must-see theatre!" - review in Wheatridge Transcript

Press for Tartuffe

"Gut-achingly funny… it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself” review in Westword 

"Delights the ear and tickles the funny bone." review in Marlowe's Musings

"A great beginning for the Arvada Center Black Box Repertory Company" review in North Denver Tribune. 

"Laugh-out-load moments abound" review in Colorado Theatre Reviews.

"Every word is a delight. Every gesture a revelation" review in

"Tartuffe is timeless, very timely" review in Centennial Citizen

Press for Looking Back/Moving Forward

"Looking Back reveals so much about what’s happened in Colorado’s art scene" review in Westword 

"After Forty Years, the Arvada Center is Moving Forwardreview in Westword

"This show... demonstrates that the Arvada Center has played a key role in the development of contemporary scene in our region" review in Westword

Press for Sister Act

"'It's about how music transcends all boundaries and brings people together'" preview in Arvada Press

"Sisterly bonding. Shadowy characters. Show-stopping musical numbers" preview in Broadway World

"Arvada Center’s production of “Sister Act” is the most entertaining evening of theatre onstage this Fall" review in Marlowe's Musings

"Rod A. Lansberry has hit yet another “home run.”' review in Colorado Theatre Reviews

"When the group (of nuns) comes together, angels literally sing" review in Broadway World

Press about the Arvada Center

2016 Marlowe Awards recognize Tartuffe, Sister Act

Arvada Center actors and designers receive 6 True West Awards in 2016

Arvada Center receives two 2015 "Best of Westword Awards on March 26, 2015

Arvada Center receives four 2014 "Best of Westword" Awards on March 27, 2014

Arvada Center Sets the Stage for Henry Awards 2013 with 15 nominations

2013 Henry Awards - Colorado Theater Guild


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