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Creating the costumes for Pippin

Posted by lgirard on March 10th 2006 to Behind the Scenes

Every once in a while, we take the time to share with you insight on what it really takes to create a production at the Arvada Center. Now that we have a blog, we have the opportunity to share things like this with your more often.

Over the next month or so, we will be posting several entries and photos on the making of Pippin. This production will feature a completely new set and costumes all of which are custom created right here at the Arvada Center. Stay tuned, we think you will find this very interesting.

Masks and sketches

This week we will be visiting James as he designs and creates a series of latex masks that will be used in one of the scenes of Pippin.

See the complete photo slideshow of these masks and armor.

One response to “Creating the costumes for Pippin”

  1. Sean says:

    This is a really cool feature, and it is amazing how much work goes into putting on a play. Good job and keep it up!

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