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Pyrotechnics 101

Posted by lgirard on March 14th 2006 to Behind the Scenes

How many of you get to go to work and set things on fire or shoot off fireworks indoors? Well, that is exactly what the Arvada Center stage crew got to do yesterday. They wanted to add some flash (pun intended) to the set for the upcoming play Pippin. So, they consulted Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild (RMPG) to teach them the art of theatrical pyrotechnics. RMPG instructors Micki McDanal and Byron Nelson came out to the Center and lead an all-day class teaching the Arvada Center crew all the finer details of safe practices necessary for protecting crew, cast and audience while enhancing performing arts with proximate fireworks on the theater stage.

Pyrotechnics 101

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  1. Frank says:

    Wow. This is really something. I can hardly wait to see the show.

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