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Late arrival policy

Posted by lgirard on March 23rd 2006 to Center News,Lobby Talk

Patrons arriving late create a customer service dilemma. Late arriving patrons expect to be seated immediately. The patrons who arrived on-time are disrupted by late arrivals being seated around them. Out of respect for those who arrive on-time and for the performers onstage, we must strictly enforce the following policy: patrons arriving late may not be seated immediately and may not be seated in their assigned seats. Late arrivals will not be seated until there is a break in the action onstage. Depending upon the length of the break, they will be seated in either the most conveniently available seat or their assigned seat. At intermission patrons may move to their assigned seats. Please arrive on-time, and if for some reason you arrive late, please understand our need to enforce this policy.

2 responses to “Late arrival policy”

  1. Frank says:

    Amen! Thank you for saying this. I have been coming to the theater for years and it seems like this has only gotten worse. Why can’t people show up on time, or at least not throw a fit when someone does not seat you immediately if you are late.

  2. Andrea says:

    About time. If people would learn to use their watches, they might be able to get somewhere ontime. Its not that hard. I hope to see that this is a policy that is kept up.

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