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New Peter Noone website

Posted by lgirard on May 25th 2006 to Lobby Talk

Peter Noone If you are a fan of Peter Noone or Herman’s Hermits, you are probably already aware that he will be performing at the Arvada Center outdoor amphitheater on June 24th. What you may not know is that Peter Noone has a brand new website for his fans. It is complete with photos, a blog, and free downloadable music.

Check out the new website at

If you are looking for the free music, go here – to download some cool songs like “Bus Stop, “Listen People”, “I’m Into Something Good”, “No Milk Today”, “I’m Henry the VIII I Am”, “Just a Little Bit Better”, “For Your Love”, and “I Understand.”

3 responses to “New Peter Noone website”

  1. Cassandra says:

    I really love Peter Noone’s new site and anybody who hasn’t checked it out, definitely should.


  2. Gary says:


    Very cool stuff there and the free MP3s were great.

    Peter Noone is a funny guy!

  3. Connie says:

    The Peter Noone site is lots of good reading.
    Also I was at the Peter Noone show June 24th
    and what a great show that was.
    Great fun and music
    for the young and the young at heart. Please
    bring back next year!!!

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