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Reviews: “The Dinosaur Play”

Posted by lgirard on April 24th 2007 to In the News

Denver Post Theater Critic John Moore recently reviewed the Arvada Center’s “The Dinosaur Play.” He had some great things to say about the children’s theater program …

“The Arvada Center remains the area’s premier children’s theater because it always employs its same considerable resources on its daytime shows for tykes as for its award-winning regional theater for adults.

With its impressive sets, lighting, sound, costumes and special effects, the Arvada Center’s kids slate is better endowed than most of the state’s nearly 100 ‘adult’ theater companies. Most impressive is that it consistently gathers acting ensembles that can hold their own with anyone on any stage.”

He also had some great things to say about the Arvada Center production of “The Dinosaur Play” …

“Their adventures include a sandstorm and a volcano, while finding clever ways of involving more than 500 kids in the process – like when they help ‘pull’ a stuck dino out of a swamp. I don’t think the kiddies learn much along the way about prehistory, but the Arvada Center wisely provides an impressive study guide that will stimulate their learning for weeks.”

Read the entire article on the Denver Post website.


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