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Q&A with Our Very Own Miss Nelson, Amanda Earls

The “Miss Nelson” books were my real-life favorites growing up. Miss Nelson is a completely nice, wonderful, warm-souled woman, and her kids are a complete nightmare. So she has the idea to dress up as a crazy, mean witch lady named Miss Viola Swamp. I get to be so terrible to these kids. She whips everybody into shape so when Miss Nelson comes back, they are a much better-behaved class.

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9NEWS on Defiance

Kirk Montgomery with 9News reporting live from Coors Field.

At 2 minutes and 10 Seconds he does a little piece on Defiance.

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Authority has key role again…

Grade: B-

On a North Carolina Marine base in 1971, Lt. Col. Morgan Littlefield is wrestling with the ranks. In the waning years of Vietnam, the only soldiers enlisting are barely fit for service, and those returning from overseas are wrecked. Racial tensions, spurred by the Black Power movement and the death of Martin Luther King, are at a boil.

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Defining our Destiny

The Arvada Center is excited to host the regional premiere of Defiance. According to playwright John Patrick Shanley, “it explores specifics of my life story as it overlaps with major changes in the social fabric of this country.” The play takes place on a North Carolina Marine base in 1971…

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