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Critics Like Blue Leaves

Posted by lgirard on April 15th 2008 to Center News,In the News


By John Moore
Denver Post Theater Critic
Article Last Updated: 04/13/2008 02:13:15 AM MDT

Celebrated American playwright John Guare is an acquired taste. But even after all these decades, he’s still not easy to get.

Best known for “Six Degrees of Separation,” the 70-year-old has made a career of dissecting fractured, wacky families in cruel and blackly comedic ways. In “The House of Blue Leaves,” his eccentric characters might be playing out a classic comic farce one moment — and blowing up nuns with grenades the next. <<READ MORE>>


By Lisa Bornstein, Rocky Mountain News (Contact)
Thursday, April 10, 2008

The bars on the windows of Artie Shaughnessy’s Queens apartment aren’t particularly surprising, until you realize that they aren’t meant to keep people out so much as in.

Despite the constant flow of arrivals in The House of Blue Leaves, there’s little opportunity for escape, particularly for Artie, a sad sack with dreams, and his wife, Bananas, who has only moments of lucidity that penetrate her psychosis. Even the pope’s arrival in 1965 New York can’t deliver these lost souls. <<READ MORE>>

The House of Blue Leaves
By Juliet Wittman
Published: April 24, 2008
Parts of the play are very funny — I was thoroughly entertained through the first act — and other parts almost profound. <<READ MORE>>

One response to “Critics Like Blue Leaves”

  1. Jo Wing says:

    The acting in House of Blue Leaves – as well as Of Mice and Men – was superb: however, I am tired of these “downers”. I may cancel my next years subscription and only come to those shows which are happy, uplifting and don’t leave me depressed. The world and economy are depressing enough as it is.

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