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Kirkland Museum & the Arvada Center – 100+ Years of Colorado Art

Posted by lgirard on March 08th 2010 to Center News,Friends of the Center,In the News,Press Room

This is the first ever collaboration with the Kirkland Museum and will be the largest display of their Colorado collection ever, thereby allowing enthusiasts the opportunity to see the Kirkland’s vast collection in one location, at one time. The exhibit showcases over 100 Colorado artists chosen from the 350 in the Kirkland Collection – a journey through Colorado art – from early traditional work, to impressionist paintings, surrealism, referential abstraction, and pure abstractions. The upper galleries will showcase works on paper, and the main gallery will display primarily sculptures and works on canvas or panel.
“It has been my longtime aim to organize a major presentation of Colorado art,” states Kirkland’s Director and Curator Hugh Grant. “Conversations with national and regional scholars have supported the judgment that Colorado ranks quite high for its art history among the 50 states. This extensive exhibition will demonstrate the sweep of artistic innovation that occurred in Colorado over 100 years and beyond.”

Hear Hugh Grant’s recorded interview on KCFR – Public Radio —> CLICK HERE

2 responses to “Kirkland Museum & the Arvada Center – 100+ Years of Colorado Art”

  1. christina larney says:

    I heard about the show/exhibition on NPR & I found this page after searching online for more information. It would be nice if location of the Arvada Center & viewing hours were posted to provide basic information to those new to the site … I guess I will try to find a phone number & call for hours & look for an address …

    fyi … thanks!

  2. rudy says:

    The most important piece of information is missing. When is it????

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