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The Best of Colorado’s Holiday Craft Fairs

Posted by lgirard on November 08th 2010 to Center News,Lobby Talk

31st Annual Holiday Craft Fair, November 26 and November 27, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., features more than 150 artisans and crafters showing and selling holiday items from a variety of mediums that include glass art, needlework, paintings, jewelry, toys, woodwork, floral, ceramics, clothing, specialty food, photography, and fiber. A time-honored tradition at the Arvada Center, this sale raises more than $80,000 annually to support arts education and activities. It’s a wonderful way to kick-start your holiday shopping. <>

7 responses to “The Best of Colorado’s Holiday Craft Fairs”

  1. Tara Miller says:

    The Holiday Craft Fair will have an international flair this year with visiting textile artists from Taquile Island, Lake Titicaca, Peru. They are so good that UNESCO has designated their work a World Heritage Site! You’ll be able to see demonstrations of complex figured weaving and knitting techniques.

  2. jane smith says:

    I applied for the Arvada Center Art and Craft show and have not heard from you. I just need to know either way.

    Jane Smith
    Just Plain Jane

  3. Kelly Posiviata says:

    I would like to purchase a ticket for the Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair online, but I don’t see a link.
    Thank you.

  4. Wendy Brown says:

    Tried to buy tickets for the Craft Fair online as told my advertisments and there is no way to do that so guess not going.

  5. Susan Lee says:

    Would love to know how great your “Annual Holiday Craft Fair” is but was turned away because of a stroller! Never ever have I been to any venue and this happened. You lost 7 paying adult admissions plus money we would have spent there. Not sure if I will ever attend anything held by the Arvada Center after today. At the very least you could have had a “strollers allowed day” or strollers allowed during certain hours. Also I visited the website several times over the last few days and almost bought tickets online, no where did it ever mention this. Do you really expect parents/grandparents with small children to attend without a stroller. I felt very discreminated against. What will it be next, old people too slow or with canes not allowed??? Please give me a break!!!!

  6. Shirley Richey says:

    I bought a Japanese Kimono Jacket from one of your vendors at the craft fair on Saturday. The name of the vendor was Wabi Sabi. I wanted to place another order with them but I didn’t get a business card from them and have no way of contacting them. Could you please help me with the contact information you have for them.
    Thanks so much,
    Shirley Richey

  7. Kathryn says:

    I wish this event happened any other weekend of the holiday season. I can only believe that you would get better attendance if it weren’t on the weekend following Thanksgiving. So many people are out of town. Possibly a 2 weekend sale would work? I’ve always purchased such nice things when I was able to attend.

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