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it’s Dickens with Scrooge, song and dance

Posted by lgirard on December 07th 2010 to Center News,In the News,Press Room
P. Switzer, Arvada Center

The Arvada Center’s production of “A Christmas Carol” is something of a hybrid: It has a traditional, Victorian feel, but it’s also a full-on musical with an operatic score that occasionally yields to modern, Broadway-style production numbers. Rating: ***


2 responses to “it’s Dickens with Scrooge, song and dance”

  1. Cynthia Hoffman says:

    This was an amazing show.The actors/actresses were excellent and the music was amazing. Scrooge was my favorite and he did such a great job of portraying his character as I always imagined him. This is a MUST SEE!

  2. Debbie Knapko says:

    Excellent production! As good as the movie. Superb singing, dancing, casting, staging… it will move one to embrace the story of Christmas that each one holds in their heart!

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