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Galleries at The Center: Winter 2012 Features Colorado Artists

Carl Reed and Thomas Claesson, Rib, wood and iron, 2009
Carl Reed and Thomas Claesson, Rib, wood and iron, 2009
Anemotive Kinetic 8/08, Robert Mangold, 2008
Anemotive Kinetic 8/08, Robert Mangold, 2008
Monroe Hodder
Rapture of the Butterflies, oil on canvas
Homare Ikeda, Drum, mixed media on paper

Galleries at the Center
Winter 2012 Gallery Opening Reception
January 12
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Free Admission

Long a source of creative inspiration and awakening, the beauty of Colorado has been uniquely expressed in genres, styles and media by generations of artists.  The Arvada Center winter series presents three exhibitions by four of Colorado’s most celebrated abstract artists, including the first career retrospective from the “Dean of Colorado Contemporary Sculpture” Robert Mangold. The Center’s winter series also features exhibitions by found-object master Carl Reed and contemporary abstract painters Homare Ikeda and Monroe Hodder in a unique gallery pairing.

Time, Space and Motion
Robert Mangold Retrospective

works from 1955 to present

The beauty of Colorado has been an inspiration to artists in providing them free expression and creativity through an array of visual mediums. This is an ambitious retrospective of work from the highly regarded “Dean of Colorado Contemporary Sculpture” artist Robert Mangold.

Time, Space and Motion, is featured in the Main Gallery, in outdoor areas surrounding the Arvada Center and on the grounds at the Arvada City Hall at 8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80001.

Pieces on loan from The Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, University of Denver, The Museum of Outdoor Art, and many private collections will be featured in this stunning exhibition of work.

For more than 50 years, sculptor Robert Mangold has remained devoted to creating large indoor and outdoor pieces that can be seen not only across Denver but also throughout the world. Mangold’s four distinct artistic series will be featured in the Arvada exhibition: Anemotives, I-Beam, Tetrahedralhypersphere and PTTSAAES (a Point Traveling Through Space At An Erratic Speed).

Homare Ikeda and Monroe Hodder

Two of Colorado’s most celebrated abstract artists are featured in the Upper Gallery – made possible through a partnership with William Havu Gallery in Denver, CO.
Homare Ikeda, raised near Okinawa, Japan, is often called the “Pearl of Asia”. Now living in Denver, CO, Ikeda’s longing for the ocean while being in the midst of mountains is reflected in his nature-inspired works. “Ocean is the root of life as well as origin of my creations. Mountain is my vanishing point. My work is about wonder, longing and quest,” he explains.

Steamboat Springs resident Monroe Hodder uses color as her most powerful language when creating her works that encapsulate the reconciliation of opposites. “My impulse is to fill up an abstract repetitive structure with the delicious disorder of paint, “ Hodder says. Her striking works often feature messy bands of stark color that bend the rules and the grid.

Lost and Found: A North Sea Collaboration
Thomas Claesson  & Carl Reed

Found objects often appear inconsequential to the casual eye but to artist Carl Reed, disregarded items become visual treasures.

A fortunate friendship forged over the Atlantic Ocean, brought together abstract Colorado artist Reed and Swedish resident Thomas Claesson, who has assembled an enormous collection of objects that have washed ashore, been abandoned, been unearthed and acquired through inheritance.

These objects have been assembled into an eclectic display of found art that possesses an inherent aesthetic power that allows them to stand on their own. Some of the pieces featured include 18” iron nails, textiles from 1800’s and a broom. Don’t miss what they have found!


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