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Patron Voices: How I Became A Pirate

Posted by lgirard on January 27th 2012 to Center News

Thank you for supporting the arts and The Arvada Center. We value your input. How I Became A Pirate at The Arvada Center

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5 responses to “Patron Voices: How I Became A Pirate”

  1. Sheila says:

    Oh my goodness!! This was SO good! My husband doesn’t like the theater and he really enjoyed this! Even my one year old girl sat thru it, watching and enjoying it as well! And of course both of our boys gad a great time! Definitely would recommend this!! And I wish there was a soundtrack too (hint, hint!)!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Saw this show yesterday! What a gem! Highly recommend it for all kids and adults. I think the adults in the audience were laughing more than the kids! I was in tears with the “Sensitive Guy” song… Yes Sheila – there definitely should be a sound track! I immediately called my girlfriend this morning so she can go with me and kiddo and her 2 kids on Saturday, again. Well worth a second showing! GREAT show Arvada Center! And I LOVE how the pirates are out in the audience too! SO FUN!!

  3. Kelly says:

    Cute to boot! I really enjoyed this show. Great for all ages. Sounded really good, too. Nice job!

  4. Diane says:

    Gold doubloons to the Paynes, the cast and crew of this wonderful production! A whole theater of kindergarteners watched and giggled through the show today, enthralled with the antics of silly (funny!)pirates and Jeremy Jacob on stage. Thank you for making theater so accessible to our children. This show is more proof of the mastery the Arvada Center brings to its productions.

  5. Shawn Bryant says:

    Our family go specifically for the children theater and I’m 46. This was one of the best that we compare the others to.

    I just got one thing to say… Please bring it back! Make that two… Please bring it back!!

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