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Patron Voices: The Importance of Being Earnest

Posted by lgirard on January 27th 2012 to Center News

Thank you for supporting the arts and The Arvada Center. We value your input. The Importance of Being Earnest at The Arvada Center

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4 responses to “Patron Voices: The Importance of Being Earnest”

  1. M Arnold says:

    A delightful rendition of this revered classic. The ability to render a modern production in a style that would likely have been consistent with the originals speaks to the effort placed upon authenticity. To pull this off and yet still carry the burden of pleasing modern audiences is a testament to the skills of the production team and the fine casting. The Arvada Center known so well for the production of great musicals is now introducing comedic straight plays and providing audiences with an evening of fun entertainment well worth the price of the ticket. Enjoy!

  2. Denise Shaver says:

    All the actors did a fabulous job. The actor who played Algernon, Jake Wells, I believe, was awesome! He was so expressive, that I found myself watching him, even when another actor was front and center. He was always “on”, and I didn’t want to miss anything he did. Loved it! Bravo, everyone!

  3. Denise Shaver says:

    It was Jake Walker.

  4. Being a thespian myself, I am continually amazed and immensely please with the fine work done by the actors at the Arvada Center. Their production of “The Importance of Being Earnest” was a stellar performance, with impeccable portrayals of the characters, in both voice and period clothing, and with the excellent production team, translated the piece with finesse and care! On our night of viewing the production, a piece of the set came off, and their ad lib didn’t miss a beat and even added more insight into their characters. That is a difficult feat in itself! Go see this production! Do not miss it! Awesome thanks to the cast and crew! Bravo and Brava! Be blessed like crazy!

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