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Schubert in the Age of the Sound Bite || Keyboard Conversations® return!

Celebrated concert pianist and conductor Jeffrey Siegel returns to the Arvada Center for his 25th season with a program of great concerts that inform as well as entertain.

Next week, the Arvada Center features:

Schubert in the Age of the Sound Bite

In this robotic, impersonal, computerized age, the glorious melodies, incandescent harmonies, and heavenly visions of Schubert’s music affect us ever more deeply.

Main Stage Theater
Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

What Are Keyboard Conversations®

…are concerts with lively commentary<, an innovative format that differs from my traditional recitals and appearances as piano soloist with symphony orchestras, when I do not speak a word.

… are a concert-plus – A Keyboard Conversation is primarily a concert; each work on the program is performed in its entirety. As the significant plus, I speak briefly and informally to the audience before performing each composition, illustrating with a few pertinent musical examples from the keyboard. My hope is that the remarks I share will make the music more accessible, the listening experience more focused and meaningful.

… conclude with a brisk question and answer session, when audiences delight in the opportunity to participate. All questions are welcome!

… have broad, popular appeal. They consistently attract avid music lovers, who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of familiar works, and also reach out to newcomers to classical music, who are engaged by the entertaining, upbeat format.

… span more than 100 different titles. Repertoire can range from well-known chestnuts, such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata or Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, to rarer gems, such as Leonard Bernstein’s unpublished Meditation on a Wedding. Before performing a work, I invite listeners to consider such questions as, for example:

  • How was the music of Robert Schumann affected by his love life?
  • In Beethoven’s immortal Für Elise, who was “Elise,” and why did
    Beethoven write this “love poem” for her?
  • How was Brahms able to compose a monumental work based on only one very short melody?
  • Why didn’t Chopin publish his popular Fantasie Impromptu?

After considering a few such intriguing questions and marveling at the ingenious ways inspired composers have created their masterpieces, members of the audience hear the music with a fresh perspective at the performance that follows. They feel they are now listening on the “inside track,” experiencing a work as something more rewarding than a mere ear wash of sound.

Today, we read a great deal about the declining interest in classical music. I believe, however, that the transcendent dimension music adds to our lives is more necessary now than ever. As human beings, we need to be moved, affected and inspired – and if we lend an open ear and willing heart, great music can inspire us uniquely. The ever-expanding audiences for Keyboard Conversations throughout the United States reaffirm my conviction that this stimulating concert format makes friends for classical music and enriches listeners profoundly.

Keyboard Conversations are for anyone who loves music – or wants to love it even more. Attend a Keyboard Conversation – enrich your life with great music!


A Special Engagement: “The Foreigner” from PHAMALY

Every year, the Arvada Center offers a special engagement production for our patrons.  For the last few years, we have proudly partnered with Phamaly Theatre Company (formerly known as The Physically Handicapped Actors& Musical Artists League). Phamaly produces professional scale plays and musicals year-round throughout the Denver Metro region, cast entirely of performers with disabilities across the spectrum (physical, cognitive, emotional, blindness, deafness…etc.) Phamaly was formed in 1989 when a group of former students of the Boettcher School in Denver, Colorado, grew frustrated with the lack of theatrical opportunities for people living with disabilities, and decided to create a theatre company that would provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to perform. As a not-for-profit membership organization, Phamaly is dedicated to producing traditional theatre in nontraditional ways. [source:]

This month we feature

PHAMALY presents
The Foreigner

By Larry Shue

PHAMALY presents "The Foreigner" at Arvada CenterLaugh along as we follow a group of mismatched characters staying at a resort-style fishing lodge where a very shy man is mistaken as a foreigner who doesn’t speak English. Like a fly on the wall, the mysterious foreigner overhears more than he should about the  scandalous and damaging revelations of the resort’s inhabitants. The nonstop hilarity of the play builds to an uproariously funny  climax where events go awry for the “bad guys” and the “good guys” emerge triumphant.

Main Stage Theater
February 22 – 24, 2013

Times & Pricing
Friday Feb 22 at 7:30 p.m.; $29
Saturday Feb 23 at 7:30 p.m.; $29
Sunday Feb 24 at 2 p.m.; $29

Check Out More Info from the PHAMALY blog about “The Foreigner”

One Minute [Video] With Phamaly: The Foreigner (Actors Trenton Schindele vs. Daniel Traylor)

Meet Lyndsay Palmer (Catherine from The Foreigner)

What made you want to join Phamaly?
-Jeremy Palmer mentioned Phamaly to me while we were classmates in college, and I auditioned for Guys and Doll in 2004.

Who is your character in three words?
-Spoiled, Sorority girl, controlling

What is your disability?
-I am hearing impaired, I’m completely deaf in my right ear and partially in my left.

How does your disability affect your character?
-It doesn’t affect my character as much as personally. Personally it is a challenge for me to hear my cues. I have to be aware of where sounds are coming from so I can react normally, and not like I’m reacting to lines.

How does your character relate to you?
-She is very different from me. Even though she is a spoiled, controlling person, she is still a very caring, worried person and I can relate to that. I’m always hoping that people are comfortable and they have what they need and Catherine still has that in her nature, she nurturing.

What is the play about?
-Betty Meeks owns this hunting lodge in rural Georgia, a foreigner comes to visit under obligation and he gets caught up in everyone’s drama and secret identities. Charlie keeps secrets really well.

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
-I knew at a young age, I was ‘born on stage’. I started dancing at two years, and I just loved being on stage, so I started acting at five years.

How did you hear about Phamaly?
-I heard through Jeremy, my husband. We were doing a show in college, and he knew I was hearing impaired so he brought up Phamaly and I auditioned.

What was your first role with Phamaly?
-My first role with Phamaly was Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls.

Did you know about the Foreigner before you auditioned?
-I didn’t, I found about it when Jeremy announced their season, so I watched a video of it with Matthew Broderick as Charlie. It was amazing acting and a very well done show and I knew then for sure I wanted to audition.

How has Phamaly had an impact on you?
– Phamaly is my life, I met my husband through Phamaly, and I have certainly grown more as an actor. I’ve grown as a leader, and I’m usually dance captain for the musicals. Every show I do at Phamaly I learn more about myself and other people. You won’t find another experience anywhere else, Phamaly changes your life.

What do you love about Phamaly?
-I’ve met my best friends through Phamaly. I love that they focus on people’s abilities not disabilities, and how they help me feel comfortable with who I am. They are a unique company in many ways, and you work with many amazing people.

Why should people come see the show?
-It is a comedy, its funny, and its a great piece of theatre. I love the show, and if people have never seen a Phamaly show, this is definitely the show to see, it showcases a variety of different disabilities.

Find more Actor Bios and Videos on PHAMALY’s Blog

Spring Break Camps at Arvada Center

Arvada Center Spring Break Camps and Classes

Back for an Encore –  Our Popular Spring Break Camps

The Arvada Center is offering Spring Break Camps, March 25 – March 29 for ages 5-12. Let your Arvada Center Spring Break Campschild explore their creativity in exciting classes from our most popular teachers and courses in drama, music, dance and visual arts!

We also offer Extended Day and Lunch Bunch sessions for busy, working parents!


Got a budding actor in your family? Play In A Day or On-Camera Acting Camp would be a perfect fit!


Or are you raising a rock star? African Drumming is a wildly popular class that allows kids to bang a drum and drop a beat!

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Camps include opportunities for Space Pirates, Mythical Creatures, Animals and Art: Four Legged Friends and Fun Fibers.

Spring Classes Available February 25th

The Arvada Center offers over 600 courses a year in the performing arts, dance, music, visual Arvada Center Spring 2013 Education Catalogarts, ceramics, photography and the humanities. We are fully equipped, with eleven studios and classrooms, three dance studios, a ceramics studio and a photography lab.

We have classes for ages 18months to 100+ !

Bring sketches to life in Fantasy and Science Fiction Cartooning! Dragons, robots, aliens, heroes and villains are subjects of fantastical creations!

Ever wanted to know American Sign Language but had no idea where to start? The Arvada Center offers an introduction to ASL that focuses on basic vocabulary, signs and sentence structure.

Spring classes start enrolling February 25th!

February Events at the Arvada Center

February Events at The Arvada Center
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"Blithe Spirit" at Arvada Center through Feb 17
"Blithe Spirit" at Arvada Center
No Dogs Allowed! at Arvada Center
The Foreigner from Phamaly at Arvada Center

Blithe Spirit

through Feb 17

Written by Noël Coward

Sprightly reviews for Blithe Spirit are in!

” 3 ½ stars….a bygone elegance to the whole affair…” — Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

every speck of Coward’s wit is deliciously delivered” — David Marlowe, Marlowe’s Musings

It’s just great entertainment, funny, elegant and brilliantly verbal” — Juliet Wittman, Westword

No Dogs Allowed!

Feb 7 – April 12

Leaving the Bronx for a day at the lake is a real treat for Iris and her close-knit, extended family. Despite Papi’s instructions to pack light,  Iris sneaks in the family dog.  After all, El Exigente is part of la familia. The trip is marked by memorable misadventure, but the family finally arrives at the lake, only to discover there are … No Dogs Allowed! Humor and cooperation save the day in this warm and cheery family venture.

PHAMALy presents

The Foreigner

Feb 22 – 24

Laugh along as we follow a group of mismatched characters staying at a resort-style fishing lodge where a very shy man is mistaken as a foreigner who doesn’t speak English. Like a fly on the wall, the mysterious foreigner overhears more than he should about the  scandalous and damaging revelations of the resort’s inhabitants.

Name A Seat at Arvada Cener
Spring Break Camps the Arvada Center Art of the State at Arvada Center Galleries

Name A Seat

through Feb 28

Honor the “stars” in your life! You can Name-A-Seat in the Arvada Center’s Main Stage Theater for a tax deductible donation of $300.

Celebrate a special occasion or milestone, honor your family and friends, or memorialize a loved one.

Spring Break Camp

March 25 – 29

Register now for Spring Break camps. Camps available in visual arts, drama and music. Camps available for ages 5-12 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. with a Lunch & After Camp sessions for working parents.

These fill up fast so browse the catalog now!

Art of the State: Panel Discussion

Feb 21

Moderated by Erik Issac and Michael Keen from The Untitled Art Show


6:30 p.m. — cash bar

7:00 – 8:30 p.m. — panel discussion

8:30 – 9:00 p.m. — mingle with the artists

Coming In March to the Arvada Center
Summer Camps at Arvada Center

Summer Camp Registration

March 4

Jeffrey Siegel at Arvada Center

Jeffrey Siegel Keyboard Conversations®

March 6

Arvada Chorale at Arvada Center

Arvada Chorale: Latin Rhythms with Debajo Del Agua

March 9
Man of La Mancha at Arvada Center
Name A Seat at Arvada Center

Art of the State: Panel Discussion

March 9

Man of La Mancha

opens March 26

Name A Seat

through March 31

Do You Know An Aspiring Actor?

Make Magic with Us at The Arvada Center

The Arvada Center Theater Academy Company will be performing Pippin on June 7 and 8, 2013 and we need actors!

Auditions will be held on:

Saturday, February 9

We are looking for boys age 13-18. They need to prepare a one to two minute memorized monologue or reading as well as 16-24 bars of music (accompanist provided). Audition times can be reserved by calling the Box office at 720-898-7200.

If cast, youth actor will need to enroll in our Spring Arvada Theater Academy. Tuition for participation is $450 and covers all rehearsals and performance fees.

Arvada Center Theater Academy

The Arvada Center Theater Academy offers talented youth, ages 13 – 18, a small-enrollment, high-level, in-depth program of theater Youth Teen Theater Academy Company instruction. This program is designed for serious actors who are interested in progressing as an artist and who desire a career in acting. Theater Academy Company actors perform in two productions each year and deepen their skills and knowledge in the areas of character work, scene study, auditioning, and production training.

Our theater company students interact with professional directors, choreographers, actors and technical theater experts in a professional theater environment. With a Lort B Actors’ Equity theater producing eight productions each season, the Arvada Center has the resources and professional expertise to provide youth actors a unique theatrical experience and instruction. Our goal is to inspire students to grow as theater artists through this exposure to theater professionals.

Click here to learn more about our Theater Academy Company!