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KATV Interviews the Camelot Creative Team

Posted by lgirard on August 28th 2013 to Center News

Director Rod A. Lansberry, Costume Designer Clare Henkel, Scenic Designer Brian Mallgrave and Fight Director Benaiah Anderson were recently interviewed by KATV! They talked about Camelot, and all of the research that has gone into the making of this great show.

Learn what exactly a dramaturgy is, how “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings” were used as part of the inspiration for the costume designs and fight scenes, and how these four people play a huge role in bringing¬†Camelot to life. Check out the interviews below!

Remember, due to high demand for this show, ticket prices will increase September 5! Get your tickets today!

Director Rod A. Lansberry

Costume Designer Clare Henkel

Scenic Designer Brian Mallgrave

Fight Director Benaiah Anderson

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