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Arvada Center ‘Shop Dogs’ Participate in MOvember

On Friday, November 1, 2013, the male crew members of the Arvada Center Scene Shop gathered together and shaved their faces to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer and men’s health initiatives.

The face shaving movement called “Movember” was started in 2003 by Australian Adam Garone. The name comes from the term “mo” which in Australia is short for moustache. The way it works is simple – on November 1, all participants worldwide shave their faces completely (except for eyebrows!), and then for the entire month of November, grow a moustache. No goatees, no sideburns, just a moustache. Garone’s thought was that people would say ” ‘Ey mate, what’s with the mo’?” and then he would explain that he was raising awareness for men’s health issues. It worked and has since gone global.

Getting the entire Scene Shop (with facial hair) to participate was no small task. Some of these guys have not been clean shaven since college, and convincing them to not only shave completely, but then to grow a 70’s era moustache, took a little campaigning. But we’re all in! AC salutes you guys – here’s to some hair growin’!

Tim’s last clean shave: Oct 2001
Dusty’s last clean shave:  6 yrs ago
Rob’s last clean shave:  “last Tuesday”
Kyle’s last clean shave: 2005
Nate’s last clean shave: 2007
Todd’s last clean shave: 3 months ago

Team Shop Dogs can be supported here:

View a photo album of day 1 “Shave Off” here:




Team Shop Dogs earned $725 !! Congrats Guys! Thanks for all you do!

Team Captain Rob Reynold’s
“World’s Longest Beard”