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Arvada Center Ceramics Program Installs New Salt Kiln

Posted by lgirard on January 16th 2014 to Center News
The new year kicks off at Arvada Center with a new salt kiln for our renowned Ceramics Program.
This new kiln is the Cooperworks Mini and is a small salt/soda kiln, built by Cooperworks Kilns. Cooperworks is a  Denver company owned by Jim Cooper, who has been building kilns in Colorado for over 30 years. cooperworks_saltKiln_arvadacenter_jan2014_yard
The new kiln will be primarily used for the Center’s  Salt Firing class. “The smaller size will give us the ability to fire quickly, probably a 6-7 hour firing instead of about 18 hours (as was with the old kiln),” says Bebe Alexander, Ceramics Coordinator. “And we can do two class firings for every 5 week class. The old salt kiln was large, so we fired once at the end of each 5 week session,” explains Alexander.
“We will also be able to do soda firings, which is similar to salt, but uses sodium bicarbonate. The surface results are different and adds yet another type of firing to our studio. So, we now have low fire, high fire reduction, raku, salt and soda firings available to our students,” says Alexander.



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images used with permission from Jim Cooper of Cooperworks Kilns


 cooperworks_saltKiln_arvadacenter_jan2014_crane cooperworks_saltKiln_arvadacenter_jan2014_bebe
installing new CooperWorks Mini salt kiln Bebe Alexander, Ceramics Coordinator with new salt kiln

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  1. Hi….I am a fairly new potter that would love to have my own salt kiln. Can you share with me how the Cooperworks kiln is doing for you? I am interested in how often you are firing and how it is holding up. I am seriously considering purchasing one. Please get back to me and if you have any other thoughts I am truly interested.

    Thank you


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