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Spring Break Camps Still Open

Posted by lgirard on March 12th 2015 to Center News

Spring Into Our Popular Spring Break Camps

The Arvada Center is offering Spring Break Camps, March 23 to March 27, 2015 for ages 5-12. Let your child explore their creativity in exciting classes from our most popular teachers and drama and visual arts courses! We also offer Extended Day and Lunch Bunch sessions for busy, working parents!

Animals and Art: Animals of the World
Ages 8-12
Learn about different aspects of art as we explore the animal kingdom. Using diverse art techniques allows students the freedom to be imaginative and expressive as they portray animals from around the world and the habitats they live in. As they develop their drawing skills, students also learn about 3-D form in sculpting and explore painting using acrylic and watercolor. If you are interested in animals and like to be creative, join us in this fun and informative class.

Roller Coaster Design
Ages 8-12
Try your hand at designing your own roller coaster. Students build a conceptual coaster using the physics concepts that are used to design real coasters. A great way to learn about the physics of energy, force and motion than through hands-on science. Experience these principles first hand as you build and modify your own roller coaster designs and then get to show off your discoveries to your classmates.

Explore Painting
Ages 5-8
Explore painting by discovering and experimenting with different mediums and techniques. Learn to paint by using an assortment of media including watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, and chalk. Have fun learning new techniques and painting skills, and explore your creativity while designing your own original masterpieces. Students in this camp will attend the Arvada Center’s children’s theater production of Charlotte’s Web on one of the days they are attending this camp (ticket price is included in tuition).

Cartooning Fun
Ages 5-8
Learn about the exciting world of cartooning. Explore the basics of creating your own characters and cartoons including: drawing, inking, story line, lettering and marketing your work. Class concentrates on the basics of character creation and learning the beginning elements of cartoon art while using the tools of a cartoonist and culminates in the publication of student work for other class members. Cartooning is a fun and whimsical way to put your imagination on paper and improve your drawing skills. Students in this camp will attend the Arvada Center’s children’s theater production of Charlotte’s Web on one of the days they are attending this camp (ticket price is included in tuition).

Space Pirates

Ages 5-8
Ahoy Mateys! Prepare for swashbuckling fun like you’ve never experienced before. We are not sailing the seven seas this time, we are sailing the seas of space.Young pirates create a pirate batik bandana, a flag and treasure pouch to hold pirate gold found through a “secret” pirate map. Students also make a captains log journal to record our travels when we head into space and create clay aliens, recycled rockets, alien artifacts and discover the mystery of alien goo and the alien “all seeing” head hugger.

Improv Comedy Camp
Ages 8-12
Students play fun improvisation games and learn concepts such as Yes And, Give and Take, the who, what, where and support. Transform your spring-time antics into comedy classics. Invent unusual characters, original skits and wacky stories. Develop self-confidence, comic-timing and quick-thinking. Strengthen cooperation and listening skills as you laugh it up and act it out with other funny kids. Show off your accomplishments with an informal show for family and friends on the last day of camp. Students heighten their sense of listening and physical presence. This class is great for anyone willing to have a lot of fun.


Play in a Day Camp
Ages 5-8
Just bring your imagination and using props, costume pieces, improvisation games and story-starters, students create a play each day of camp. Inspiration for our plays will come from storybooks, pictures, story starters and improvisation. Camp focuses on creating stories with a beginning, middle and end. Come and play with us.


Passport to Seussville
ages 5-8
Join us for this magical journey to the land of Dr. Seuss. This camp provides an interdisciplinary experience for students who want to explore Seuss’s literature through art projects, theater and their own imaginations. Each day students explore a new Dr. Seuss story, create Seuss worthy art projects, perform the story for their peers and design a new page for their Seussville passport. This camp culminates in a performance for family and friends on the final day. Students in this camp will attend the Arvada Center’s children’s theater production of Charlotte’s Web on one of the days they are attending this camp (ticket price is included in tuition).


On Camera Acting Camp
Ages 8-12
Learn how to develop more interesting characters with a professional film director. Class focuses on monologue choice and performance, commercial auditions and on-set etiquette, stillness training and scene work from film and television. This workshop uses age specific scripts and original material to afford each participant the opportunity to develop engrossing characters, to learn the dramatic difference between acting for film and stage, and to prepare themselves for a film career, all in a fun atmosphere. All scene work is videotaped, allowing students to watch their work in progress at home and to use the resulting tape as a demonstration reel. Enjoy learning the business from a working director.

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