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Renowned Cartoonist Guest Teaches at Arvada Center



Award-winning cartoonist Drew Litton made a guest teacher appearance on July 29th as part of our kids illustration summer camp class series. Best known for his 25+ years of work as the creator of the popular Rocky Mountain News “Win, Lose & Drew” sports cartoons, Drew Litton is currently nationally syndicated and draws for 9NEWS, Rockies Magazine, Mile High Sports Magazine, The Boulder Daily Camera and the Denver Broncos among others.

Litton has been drawing cartoons since he was a young child. Litton explained that as a child, he had asthma which inhibited his ability to play sports, so he drew them instead.  In high school, Litton knew he wanted to draw cartoons as a profession and in college he had his own weekly comic. Now, he draws for some of the biggest publications in the country and is thinking about starting an online comic series.

At the Arvada Center, he taught our summer campers about building characters on the page. Litton started with a basic image and then expanded the sketch by giving the character certain traits, a “job”, and a personality by illustrating elements about how the character would interact with others.

Tips from a Pro

Litton also discussed illustrating action scenes.  Litton explained, “to get yourself ready to draw action, give yourself a “warm up time”.” He suggested drawing a static figure during a set time limit and focus on the fluidity of the drawing.  Litton also stated that when drawing action, an illustrator should exaggerate the gestural positions of the character. Litton also demonstrated a favorite trick in his illustrations  – using arcs to create a sense of motion.

Melanie Mayner, Public Relations Manager at the Arvada Center, said, “It was very cool to have Drew Litton teaching a cartooning class here at the Center. Maybe it will just be the beginning!” She was lucky enough to get a peronsalized autograph in her very own “Win, Lose & Drew” book.

Litton’s website can be found at