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Leave your mark at the Center with a new participatory art project


Sometimes art is something that you see, and sometimes it’s something you do. A new instillation piece at the Arvada Center is both—with a little gardening mixed in.

The Arvada Center’s sculpture field will be home to a participatory project that uses native plant seeds, clay and your assistance to create something that’s part landscape restoration, part outdoor art.

Seed Mapping, by artist Phillip Mann, is an effort to create a living map of our visitors’ paths through Unbound: Sculpture in the FieldEarlier this month, Arvada Center staff and volunteers made around 600 seed balls, the key component in Mann’s project. Seed balls are made out of soil and clay, natural pigments, and native Colorado flower and grass seeds.

The seeds will become part of the sculpture field as people participate in the Seed Mapping project.

Here is how you can be part of this living, growing art exhibit:

  1. Purchase tokens for your seed balls from the Arvada Center Box Office, and then visit one of the two seed ball kiosks at the Center. One is located outside of the Main Gallery, and the second in the sculpture field.
  2. Explore the sculptures in the field! Leave your seed balls behind as you travel through the sculptures as evidence of where you have been.

The seed balls will break down and the native grasses and wildflowers left behind will take root in the field, leaving a living marker on our “map” that traces where visitors travel through the field. Over the next couple of years, the seeds will leave a colorful trail marking where people have walked and left their seeds behind.

Come be a part of Seed Mapping when you stop by the Center for any of our upcoming exhibits, shows or performances! Read more about Unbound: Sculpture in the Field here.

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