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Visitors ‘Catch ‘Em All’ at the Center

Posted by Sarah Kolb on July 12th 2016 to Center News


When you wander through the Arvada Center’s gallery or sculpture field this summer you might spot some beautiful watercolor, a breathtaking stone sculpture – or a Pikachu.

Over the weekend, the sculpture garden was filled with intrepid “Pokémon trainers” hunting down virtual creatures. That’s because the Arvada Center is a popular local spot for gamers to catch Pokémon, thanks to a game called Pokémon Go.

Screenshot_2016-07-12-12-36-03 Screenshot_2016-07-12-09-33-45

For those of us who weren’t kids in the 90’s, Pokémon Go is a game that turns people’s phones into camera that peek into the Pokémon universe, filled with mythical cartoon monsters. When you download the game you can find, chase down and “capture” Pokémon. The game is connected to a map, and stopping at real-life locations and landmarks gives players free stuff, or opportunities to fight in “gyms.”

Unbound: Sculpture in the Field is home to two gyms as well as a number of “Pokéstops.” They’re located at sculptures throughout the field, as well as the outside wall of the theatre and inside the Center itself. Pokémon have also been spotted inside the Summer of Watercolor gallery exhibition, and hanging around outside the Main Stage Theatre. 

IMG_5273 IMG_2016-07-12-12263138 IMG_2016-07-12-13352056

The game gives visitors a new way to engage with some of the Center’s incredible and free art exhibitions – hitting a sculpture’s “Pokéstop” offers some information about the work, as well as free stuff in the game! Come catch a few, and wander through our galleries at the same time.

We do ask that visitors be considerate of other Center patrons who may not be Pokémon hunting – and share their Pokémon-catching experiences with us! 

Read more about Summer of Watercolor and Unbound: Sculpture in the Field.

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