Arts Day Program 2018-2019


Arts Day at the Arvada Center offers students and teachers the opportunity to work with professional teaching  artists to enhance classroom curriculums and address Colorado State and Common Core Standards through a variety of artistic disciplines and cultural arts activities. Arts Day provides fun and educational arts experiences that are designed for pre-school through high school classes and can accommodate students with disabilities. This program is available as a field trip to the Arvada Center or as an outreach with instructors traveling to schools and community centers. With over 30 years of experience, the Arts Day program will ignite creativity in students and teachers alike.

For more information and Children's Theatre reservations, please contact:

  • School Programs Manager, Ashley Chory (720) 898-7240 or
  • School Programs Associate, Emily Lindvall (720) 898-7245 or

Or submit a reservation request below.

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Choose the Arts Day option that best fits your scheduling and curriculum needs:

Children's Theatre


Please email for more information about Spring 2020 Velveteen Rabbit: or 


Children’s Theatre

  •   $9 per student and chaperone
  •  Classroom teachers/aides are free
  •  Discounts available for Title I schools
  • 1 hour field trip


Children's Theatre + Tech Talk

  •  $10 per student and chaperone
  • Classroom teachers/aides are free
  • Discounts available for Title I Schools
  • 1.5 hour field trip
  • Does not include a lunch space

Children's Theatre + Tech Talk + Lunch Space

  • $11 per student and chaperone
  • Classroom teachers/aides are free
  • Discounts available for Title I Schools
  • 2 hour field trip

Theatre Arts Day

  • $12 per student/adult chaperone
  • Classroom teachers/aides are free
  • Discounts available for Title I Schools
  • Includes:
    •  Children’s Theatre Performance
    • Tech Talk
    • Choice of one hands-on workshop in dance, drama, music, or visual arts (CLay workshops are $1 extra
    •  Reserved indoor lunch space 



Collage Arts Day

Collage Days can be fine arts-focused, theatre-focused, or history/humanities-focused depending on the programs you choose. Create your own arts day experience by selecting two interactive workshops . Studying Africa?    How about storytelling and drumming! Preparing for a class play? How about movement stories or Character Creation! Or, introduce an entirely new topic. Informal performances or Participation Plays are also available! 

•    $10 per student
•    Classroom teachers/aides and chaperones are free
•    Discounts available for Title I schools
•    Includes:
   o    Choice of two hands-on workshops in dance, drama, music, or visual arts 
   o    Reserved lunch space


Arts Day Outreach-- Can't make it to the Center? Book an outreach!

Book a single or series of 1-hour workshops, customized for any age group 
•    $125 per workshop plus instructor mileage fee (varies)
•    Up to 30 participants per workshop
•    Includes:
   o    One or more artists who travel to your location to teach or perform
   o    All materials and supplies
   o    Discounts available when you schedule more than one consecutive workshop
   o    Discounts for Title I schools

Please call 720-898-7240 to make your Arts Day outreach reservation.

Advanced reservations are required. Payment is required two weeks in advance. Until that time, attendance numbers may be adjusted. No refunds once payment is made. Discounts are available for Title I schools. Complimentary tickets are available for teachers/aides. Lunch space is available by reservation only.