Digital Creative Arts Lab

The Arvada Center is excited to offer a wide variety of new classes for all ages in our state-of-the-art, digital creative arts lab. Come and learn how to create digital art - paintings, collages, or movies and more on one of our provided tablets or laptops. Discover how to realize your own sculpture or wearable and print it from one of our 3D printers. You can create, print, and cutout detailed, vinyl stickers for all kinds of fun and artistic uses. Work with our green screen technology or get beautiful photographs of your existing art for web and print use.

Take a look at all the different things you can learn and join us. Keep checking back as well, as we are continuously gathering talent and equipment to offer truly unique classes in this ever-growing artistic field. 

Read this recent article in the Denver Business Journal to learn more about this exciting new program! 
Arvada Center gets technical with new creative arts lab.


Use our green screen to place yourself in any location for photo or video. Take great photos of your ceramics or other self-made art.

Photoshop and Artmaking
Adult, 10/11-10/18

Photographing Your Art
Age 16- Adult, Saturday 10/14

3D Printing

Print a wearable work of art of your own design. Learn how to realize a small 3D printed sculpture from concept to final output. 

3D Printing
Ages 9-15, 9/11-10/30
Ages 16- Adult, Saturday 9/16



Digital Tablet Artmaking

Learn how to paint and collage on a digital tablet to produce beautiful prints. 

From Pencils to Pixels
Ages 12-16, 9/14-11/16

Art Making & Animation with Digital Tablets
Adults, 9/13-9/20

Digital Painting on the iPad
Adults, Saturday 11/4

Creative Computer Skill Building

Develop your skills in Photoshop to enhance your images or learn how to make a creative, well designed website.

Photoshop and Artmaking
Adult, 10/11-10/18

Shadow Puppets
Ages 8-12, 10/4-11/1

Light-up Holiday Cards
Ages 16- Adult, 11/18

Animation and Cartooning

Have fun creating your own animated videos stop motion animation, animated shorts or create your own video game.

Stop Motion Animation & Claymation
Ages 9-13, 9/12-11/14