Art in Public Places

The City of Arvada, with its nationally-acclaimed Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, recognizes that art in public places is vitally important to the quality of life in the community, through its contribution to a sense of ownership and community pride in public facilities and spaces, its enrichment of local culture and community character, and its strengthening of civic identity and the local economy. The city desires to further encourage and enhance the positive attributes of public art through the establishment and development of the “Art in Public Places Program.”


The principal goals of the AIPP program are to:

1. Enhance and enrich the lives of Arvada’s residents, visitors, and employees, and enhance local businesses by incorporating works of art in public places

2. Contribute to Arvada’s civic pride and sense of identity

3. Increase access to works of art for residents, visitors and employees in Arvada and businesses located here

4. Enhance Arvada’s reputation as a city which celebrates and supports the arts.


Purpose of AIPP program:

The primary purpose of the AIPP program is to provide for an established structure and process within which to consider public art opportunities, select artists, acquire public art, determine appropriate sites, maintain, conserve, and deaccession public art, and otherwise engage in related activities to thereby achieve the goals of the Program.


If you have questions or comments on the Art in Public Places Program, please email and we will direct your question to the appropriate person.


Art in Public Places on the Arvada Center Grounds

Amphitheatre & Drive

Clarice Dreyer,  Skyline - Amphitheatre wall and surrounding bird baths and birdhouses

James Buchman –  Cankalee  – Amphitheatre grounds

John van Alstine –  The Arch  – Amphitheatre plaza

Doug Wilson -  Untitled -  1980

Arvada Center Plaza

Carolyn Braaksma -  Bench II - 1996

Vito Acconci,  Dirt Wall - This piece winds for 300 feet outside and inside of the Arvada Center

Bill Gian – Squiggles – Interactive Sculpture Park

James Buchman –  Sakarah  – 1979

Angelo di Benedetto –  Untitled  – 1970

Bryan Andrews –  Row, row, row your boat  – 2007

Bryan Andrews -   The Audience  – 2007

Arvada Center Pond

William Burgess – Fanfare – 1986 

Carl Reed – Untitled

Arvada Center Driveway

John Young – The Ramp 

Robert Mangold – Anemotive Kinetic 8/08  

Black Box Plaza

Kendra Fleischman -  Dancing on the Stairs – 2008 

Robert Coogan -  Spirit

Lyle Nichols -  Dream Weaver -  1990

Around Arvada:

Charles Parson – Earth GateGold Strike Park  

Charles Parson – Structural UnderbellyGold Strike Park

John Young -  One Piece Two Piece - Along Ralston Creek Trail

Frank Swanson -  Boulder Mutilation Case #1 -  1986

John Young -  Black Totem -  1981