Arvada Historical Society Museum Collections


The Haines log house is itself a collection artifact, but the museum holds approximately 2500 additional catalogued items, including farm equipment, tools, business outfittings, furniture and household materials, decorative arts, clothing and personal effects, books, documents and photographs.  (Owing mainly to fragility or unstable condition, as well as space constraints, not all artifacts are permanently on view.)  The collection tells Arvada’s distinct heritage.  No mere come-lately bedroom suburb to Denver, Arvada was platted as a town in 1870 amidst a thriving agricultural region and has a rich history all its own.

The history collection housed at the Arvada Center History Museum is owned by the Arvada Historical Society. All inquiries about specific collection items or potential donations should be made to the Arvada Historical Society. Please see the download on this page for more information about the Historical Society's collection scope, and contact the Arvada Historical Society here