Looking Back: 40 Years/40 Artists

Looking Back: 40 Years/40 ArtistsLooking Back: 40 Years/40 Artists at the Arvada Center near Denver
September 15 – November 13, 2016

Main Gallery

In celebration of the Arvada Center’s 40th anniversary, this exhibition looks to our past and features many of the artists that have had an influence over the past forty years of the Center’s history. Artists included will represent exhibitions from 1976 to 2016, and the result will be a range of art on display by the artists that helped establish the Arvada Center as the dynamic exhibition space it is today.



"Looking Back reveals so much about what’s happened in Colorado’s art scene" - Michael Paglia, Westword

"A who’s who of local contemporary art that's not to be missed" - Michael Paglia, Westword


2016 Looking Back: 40 Years/40 Artists

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Participating Artists:
Bill Amundson
Trine Bumiller
Dale Chisman
Susan Cooper
Angelo di Benedetto
Robert Ecker
Sushe Felix
Tracy Felix
Virginia Folkestad
Carlos Fresquez
John Fudge
Margaretta Gilboy
Jeremy Hillhouse
Deborah Howard
Homare Ikeda
Erick C. Johnson
Sandra Kaplan
Jeffrey Keith
Andy Libertone
Emilio Lobato
Jim and Nan McKinnell
Virginia Maitland
Terry Maker
Robert Mangold
James Milmoe
Takashi Nakazato
Tony Ortega
Patty Ortiz
Eric Paddock
Charles Parson
Carl Reed
Clark Richert
David Rigsby
Chandler Romeo
Frank Sampson
William Sanderson
William Sutton
Floyd D. Tunson
Carley Warren
Dave Yust

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