PERCEPTION | Color | Line | Pattern |

PERCEPTION | Color | Line | Pattern |

Summer at the Center sponsored by Exempla Lutheran

Main Gallery

Gallery Hours, Free Admission: M-F 9am-6pm, Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 1pm-6pm

            Sara Hughes, Data Crash 4, Courtesy of Plus Gallery


Perception (n.): Process of registering sensory stimuli as meaningful experience.

This summer’s Main Gallery Exhibition brings 21 artists together to explore what can be accomplished with three basic artistic elements and principles: color, line and pattern. Though artworks in this exhibition have been created over a span of 63 years (the earliest created in the 1950s and the latest works in 2013), they all utilize pattern, line and color to create optically intriguing works of art. Movements in the mid twentieth century such as Pattern & Decoration (P&D), Op-art, and the local Criss Cross movement played a role in the creation of many of the works in the exhibition. What all of these works have in common is an incredible acuity in technique and skill, as well as  systematic and mathematical processes in rendering works that delight and exercise the eyes. Our eyes are always moving, and therefore always perceiving, and by simply looking, your eyes will become the subject of these works of art.



Otto Karl Bach Adam Holloway Lewis McInnis
Angelo di Benedetto Andrew Huffman Jen Pack
Charles Ragland Bunnell Sara Hughes Ted Rehm
Jaime Carrejo Marty Jaquis Clark Richert
Charlie DiJulio Vance Kirkland Beverly Rosen
Wendi Harford Emilio Lobato George Woodman
Aaron Higgins Jennifer Lynch Dave Yust


Panel Discussions moderated by Erik Isaac and Michael Keen from the Untitled Art Show

Saturday August 17th

Participating Artists: Jaime Carrejo, Marty Jaquis, Clark Richert, Dave Yust

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