UNBOUND: Sculpture in the Field

Arvada Center South Field                
Come and see what has changed this summer!                            

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The impetus for this summer's series of exhibitions began by re-imagining the 17-acre open space just south of the Arvada Center to create a compelling and engaging outdoor sculpture exhibition. In partnering with the Museum of Outdoor Arts in the summer of 2014, who specializes in the placement of site-specific sculpture in Colorado, 27 sculptures were chosen of various sizes and media by 15 highly acclaimed Colorado artists. In its second phase, through March, 2017, 26 sculptures by 17 Colorado artists are featured. This creative vision will ultimately transform and evolve to create a one-of-a-kind space in the western region by devoting a dedicated area to showcase modern and contemporary sculptures. In placing art, it changes the landscape of Arvada and brings the programming of the Arvada Center galleries inside, out.

The Five Best Denver-Area Art Shows in 2014 ~~ #3 - UNBOUND: Sculpture in the Park

"Over the last few years, Collin Parson has been doing a bang-up job of coming up with interesting shows to fill the super-capacious Arvada Center, but his brightest idea so far has been to "build" an addition. This past summer, he smoothly transformed a field south of the building into a full-fledged outdoor sculpture garden. ... READ MORE "

“’Unbound: Sculpture in the Field’ receives 2015 Best of Westword for Group Sculpture Show” -  Westword , March 25, 2015

The Arvada Center's Collin Parson and Kristin Bueb have put together one great exhibit after another, but their finest effort to date has been the combination of shows that includedUnbound: Sculpture in the Field, for which they tapped the expertise of Cynthia Madden Leitner of the Museum of Outdoor Art. Read more https://bit.ly/195NWFV 

Seed Mapping "Unbound: Sculpture in the Field"

Seed Mapping by artist Phillip Mann
Experimental Participatory Art Project
Native plant seeds, natural pigments, and clay

We want you to help us create a living map of our visitors’ paths through Unbound: Sculpture in the Field through the placement of seed balls. Seed balls are made of clay, native plant seeds, and natural pigments.
Here is how you can participate in this art project:
1.    Go to the Box office inside the main entrance of the Arvada Center and purchase tokens for your seed ball(s). We have two seedball kiosk (one in the sculpture field and one outside of the Main Gallery).
2.    Explore the sculptures in the field and leave your seed balls as evidence of where you have been. Your seed balls will slowly break down and the native grasses and wildflowers left behind will take root in the field, leaving a living marker on our “map.”

Participating artists:
Michael Clapper
Emmett Culligan
John Ferguson
Erick C. Johnson
Andy Libertone
Nancy Lovendahl
Robert Mangold
Phillip Mann
Patrick Marold
Dave Mazza
Andy Miller
Pard Morrison
Charles Parson
Carl Reed
Roger Reutimann
Joe Riche
Reven Swanson
Bill Vielehr


Sponsored by:
Museum of Outdoor Arts
US Bank
Scientific & Cultural Facilities District
Colorado Creative Industries

In-Kind sponsors:
Colorado Hardscapes
Sunbelt Rentals
Lowe's (Arvada location)
Demiurge Sculptural & Architectural Fabrication
Arvada Rent-Alls
Art Management and Planning Inc.

Unbound: Sculpture in the Field sponsored by AMPA, Arvada RentAlls, Colorado Hardscapes, Lowe's, Sunbelt Rentals, Demiurge, WarrenTech