Bright Star Content Warning

Bright Star content warning

Bright Star is a dramatic production that will evoke many different emotions. Some scenes contain themes and content that may be difficult to watch and process. We encourage all patrons to read our specific content warning below (contains spoilers) prior to attending this performance.

Performances of Bright Star will include:

  • Use of haze
  • Use of dry ice fog
  • Simulated alcohol consumption

Warning: Spoilers Below

To read more specific information about portions of the plot of Bright Star which some may find upsetting, please scroll past the Bright Star graphic below. Please be aware, this warning contains content which may reveal portions of the plot of the production.

Bright Star at the Arvada Center

Bright Star content warning – contains spoilers

In Act I of Bright Star, a sexual scene is implied and one character ends up pregnant. After making this discovery, her family forces her to give up the child and there is a simulation of the baby being placed in a suitcase and thrown from a moving train.

If you have any additional questions about the nature of this production or the content, we strongly encourage you to contact the Box Office at 720-898-7200.