What's Your Arvada Center Story?

For 37 years, thousands of children, adults and families have engaged in our quality, award-winning programs.  Hundreds of talented professionals have worked passionately to create and build them.  Volunteers have donated countless hours in support of them, and, many loyal patrons and donors invest in the Arvada Center year after year.

The Arvada Center is a remarkable place because of you and people like you!

We want you to share your Arvada Center story so we can reconnect as a community, archive our oral history and illustrate the mission and uniqueness of the Arvada Center.  Share your personal story about your background, traditions and experiences at the Arvada Center.  Or, recommend someone who has an interesting tale to tell!  

To share your story, contact us at 720-898-7226 or email us at mystory@arvadacenter.org



Nate Patrick Siebert - Precocious Performer, Singer and Star Wars Fan 

 Eight year-old Nate is ready for another round on the Arvada Center's stage with the musical production of the Dickens' holiday classic, "A Christmas Carol".  Click here to read Nate's Arvada Center Story!








Kaden Hinkle - Music Lover, Math Wizard and Atypical Actor   

Ten year-old Kaden is delighted to be back again this holiday season  to reunite with friends in "A Christmas Carol, The Musical".  Click here to read Kaden's Arvada Center Story!








Vincent Rodriguez - Avid Reader, Creative Storyteller and Fearless Tiny Tim

 Nine year-old Vincent is ready for his debut into professional live theater with the coveted role of Tiny Tim in this season's production of "A Christmas Carol, The Musical".  Click here to read Vincent's Arvada Center Story!





Hannah Katz - Talented Actress, Singer and Sleep Talking Sixth Hannah Katz, Arvada Center StoryGrader

Eleven year-old Hannah is thrilled to be back at the Arvada Center this holiday season in "A Christmas Carol, The Musical".  Click here to read Hannah's Arvada Center Story.








Gaylia "Gay" Ostrander - Teacher, Dance Enthusiast and Dedicated VolunteerGay Ostrander, Arvada Center Story

Long-time volunteer and Arvada Center patron, Gay Ostrander, tells her story about a particularly memorable performance in the outdoor amphitheater.  Click here for Gay's full story.






Philip C. Sneed - Actor, Director, Trail Runner and Arts Executive

Philip Sneed, Arvada Center Story

When his family moved into the three-story brick apartment building on the corner of 68th and Wadsworth Boulevard in the fall of 1971, Philip Sneed had no idea that the prairie grass hill across the street would one day become the center of his career.  Click here for Philip's full story.