History and Mission


The story of the Arvada Center starts and ends with its community.  Founded in 1976 as a unique collaboration between the City and citizens of Arvada, the Center is a lens through which the community’s love of the arts can be seen and realized.  As much as the Arvada Center exists to serve the community, it also exists because of the support of its patrons. 

As a non-profit organization, the Arvada Center makes less than 50% of its operating budget from ticket sales and classes.  We rely on the contributions of our community to help make up the rest.  Every dollar donated goes to fund the shows, classes, exhibits and concerts that make the center one of the best art centers in the nation, and to make sure that our community can continue to enjoy these unique opportunities.  



The mission of the Arvada Center is to provide arts and humanities programming to patrons and visitors near and far so they can be engaged, challenged and inspired to experience their world in new ways.