Self-Guided Groups Policy

We’re glad you’ve selected the Arvada Center for your group’s visit. One of the great things about the Arvada Center is all of the various arts activities that are taking place simultaneously throughout our facility. On any given day you can view art exhibitions while ballerinas leap into the air in an adjacent studio, students may be traversing the building on a field trip, and auditions may be taking place for our one of our theatre productions.

Depending on the day and the level of programmed activities, it can be a challenge to provide a quality experience for Self-Guided Groups.  As a result, we are implementing a new policy requiring all Self-Guided Groups to reserve time for their visit in advance.  It will help us know who is in our building and when the best times for your visit may be so that you can enjoy what we have to offer to the fullest!

What is a Self-Guided Group (SGG)?

A SGG is a group of 6-16 guests that wishes to visit our center without an Arvada Center guide and is not enrolled in an arts program. SGGs include, but are not limited to, scout groups, youth groups, day camps, adult day groups, church groups, artists groups and other group outings, whether organized and sponsored by an organization or by private individuals.  Every SGG must make a reservation in advance of their visit. Each SGG must have a minimum of two Group Leads (chaperones/teachers/caregivers, etc.) to ensure the group is supervised at all times and abides by our Best Guests Tips.  Depending on the type of group and its size, a SGG may need additional Group Leads.  SGGs not adequately supervised or not following our Best Guests Tips will be asked to leave the Arvada Center.  Groups larger than 16 require an Arvada Center guide. Arrangements for Arvada Center guides must be made in advance by calling Patron Services at 720-898-7200.

SGGs can move independently through the Arvada Center, and should be considerate of other SGGs and other planned events taking place at the Arvada Center. Members of SGGs cannot join free public gallery tours without prior reservations. For the enjoyment of all visitors to the Arvada Center, it is very important that SGG Leads keep their group together and follow our Best Guests Tips at all times. SGGs are not permitted to conduct meetings or engage in activities such as crafts or games that are extraneous to our programming while inside the Arvada Center. Sketching is permitted in our galleries, and we ask that you use a hand-held pad, and non-messy materials such as pencil, graphite stick, or mechanical pencils.

What Days are Best for Self-Guided Group Reservations?

Self-Guided Groups are only permitted in the building when we have Gallery Exhibition programming installed otherwise there is no free-to-the-public programming available for patron visitation.

Best days for SGGs are Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays as these are days when paid, programmed groups and patrons are less likely to be in the Arvada Center.

SGG Mondays - On select Mondays, we offer special paid programming designed for SGGs.

  • Arts Days Option #1 - SGGs can schedule an Arts Day for $80, and programming can be tailored to suit your group’s needs. These SGG Arts Days can include a lunch space if desired.
  • Arts Day Option #2 - SGGs can schedule a docent-led tour through our galleries and be provided a lunchroom space pending availability; however, this option is only available when the Galleries have exhibitions. The cost of this programming is $1 per guest and a $25 custodial fee.

On SGG Mondays, SGGs must reserve programming at least one week in advance and cannot reserve more than one visit at a time. Each Arts Day SGG session is limited to 2 - 3 hours. The number of available Arts Day SGG bookings is limited and depends in part on the size and number of groups requesting reservations.

Limited Availability Days - On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. during the children’s theatre season (October-May), we have limited availability for SGGs given that we already have between 700-1200 youth visitors at the Arvada Center during that time. Other days are designated as limited availability due to programming and/or facility space restrictions. We can accommodate only one SGG on a Limited Availability Day, and that group must have a reservation. Any SGG arriving without a reservation may be asked to leave and schedule a time when we can accommodate them.

Blackout Days  – Blackout Days are generally days that our galleries are in the process of switching out exhibitions. When there are no Gallery Exhibitions there is no available programming for SGGs. On these days we have no availability for SGGs. Any SGG arriving at the Arvada Center on a Blackout Day will be asked to leave and schedule a time when we can accommodate them.

How to Book Your Self-Guided Group Visit

  • All SGGs (of 6-16 guests) must book their reservation at least one week before their visit. Please call 720-898-7200 to make your reservation. Depending on Arvada Center programming, we can accommodate one to five SGGs per day and no SGGs can be booked during a Blackout Day (See Calendar).
  • SGG visits are limited to two hours unless prior arrangements have been made at the time of booking.
  • Inside dining spaces are reserved solely for patrons participating in the Arvada Center’s paid programming. SGGs are welcome to dine outside if space is available and weather permitting.

The only exception is for SGGs with Arts Day reservations.

When Your Group Arrives at the Center

All SGGs must check-in at the Box Office in our front lobby. Each Group Lead will be given a Visitor’s Pass that must worn and visible at all times and returned to the Box Office before leaving the Arvada Center. A valid form of ID needs to be left with the Box Office until the group has checked out. Group Leads will also be given our Best Guest Tips which we make available to all our patrons. SGGs not adequately supervised or not following our Best Guests Tips will be asked to leave the Arvada Center. Groups need to check out at the Box Office at the end of their reserved time.

Best Guests Tips for a Great Visit

There are a few conduct guidelines that we ask you to comply with for the safety and enjoyment of your visit and the consideration of others visiting the Arvada Center:

  • Please stay 18 inches away from all walls - even those without artwork.
  • Please use indoor voices and appropriate indoor behavior.
  • Please respect any roped-off areas, including art barriers.
  • Do not move any furniture.
  • Please remain in publicly accessible spaces, studio spaces are for reserved programming only.
  • Backpacks cannot be carried through the galleries. Depending on the day, we may or may not be able to accommodate your group’s backpack or bags. These items should be left in your vehicle.
  • Do not touch any artwork or artifacts unless there is signage explicitly allowing touching.
  • Please do not explore gallery spaces with young children on your shoulders, instead please hold their hands as you marvel at artworks.
  • Photography in the galleries is allowed for educational purposes only unless otherwise noted.
  • Taking photographs in our theatre spaces is allowed only under special circumstances.
  • Personal, ambient music or video streaming is not allowed.
  • There are no group public eating spaces inside the Arvada Center except for those reserved for guided groups in planned programming. If the weather is nice, you are welcome to find a space outside to eat if there is an available area.
  • Sketching is permitted in our galleries, and we ask that you use a hand-held pad, and non-messy materials such as pencil, graphite stick, or mechanical pencils.